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Carol Mod FNF is another enjoyable mod developed by bbpanzu. Carol, who is the love interest of Whitty, and three custom songs, Carol Roll, Body, and Boogie, await you in this mod.

Friday Night Funkin is an indie game where you have rhythm battles against antagonists who are not cool with you dating your girlfriend. If you hear FNF for the first time, you can find more information about Friday Night Funkin on Lawod.

Carol is an African American character who is the love interest of Whitty and replacing Daddy Dearest. In fact, her original mod is a replacement for Girlfriend. There is an interesting fact about Carol is she was originally based on bbpanzu’s dream girl. Carol Mod is also one of the few mods that you can see the Boyfriend actually talking.

FNF Carol Mod Songs

FNF Carol Mod brings you three custom songs as follows:

  • Carol Roll
  • Body
  • Boogie

Carol Mod FNF No Download

It is possible to play FNF Carol Mod without download it. Several websites provide FNF Mods No Download. You can play these mods on your browser without downloading them. You should find a quality website to play Carol Mod FNF because some websites may contain malware and viruses.

There is no need to go to other pages, tough. Here, you can play the Carol Mod below on your browser without downloading it. Note that the loading time of the following FNF mod may vary depending on your internet speed. If the download is stuck, please refresh the page.

Play FNF Carol Mod Online Fullscreen

Carol Mod FNF Download

FNF Carol Mod is also a downloadable mod. You can download Carol Mod FNF from the GameBanana like other FNF Mods. Before you download FNF Carol Mod, be sure that you installed the original Friday Night Funkin. If FNF is already installed on your PC, you can start to download and install the mod.

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