Cities Skylines 2 Mods Guide

While Cities Skylines 2 is an excellent city-building sim, a lively mod community can take things even further, as in the previous game of the series. Modders design new assets and bend or break the game rules to create wholly unique experiences and push the engine to its limits. Well, will Cities Skylines 2 support mods? Let’s find out! 

Paradox, the publisher of the popular city-building game Cities Skylines 2, has confirmed that players will be able to modify the game. This means that players will have the ability to change the game’s features, add new content, and personalize their gameplay experience. However, instead of using the Steam Workshop that is commonly used for modding, Paradox will be using its own platform called Paradox Mods.

Where is Cities Skylines 2 Mod Support?

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Cities: Skylines is widely considered one of the best city-building games ever made, in large part because of the extensive mod support that allowed players to add their own specialized tweaks and enhancements. Whether it was seasonal weather or a day-night cycle, these mods elevated the game into an even deeper simulation.

In a developer diary posted on the Cities Skylines 2 website, publisher Paradox Interactive revealed that the sequel will not feature official mods at launch. Instead, the new title will host community modifications through a proprietary content platform known as Paradox Mods that is compatible with both console and PC.

When the platform launches, users will be able to subscribe to any mod they like and seamlessly integrate it into the game through a simple process that requires creating or logging in with a Paradox account. 

How to Use Cities: Skylines 2 Mods?

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When it comes to using mods in Cities Skylines 2, PC players have a variety of options at their disposal. The game’s official Steam Workshop has a massive library of content, and Mod Cities 2 also has a huge selection for Cities Skylines 2

Creating or logging into a Paradox account lets players search for and subscribe to mods, automatically appearing when they open the game. Mods can include anything from maps and game mods to building themes and save games.

Modding will be a big part of Cities Skylines 2, but it won’t come with the same level of integration as its predecessor. Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive will limit the feature to their own platform for official capacity, skipping outlets like Steam Workshop. This will be in addition to the all-in-one Editor that will launch alongside the sequel, giving players the tools they need to start making their own creations. It’s worth mentioning that console users will gain access to Asset Mods in the game’s library when it launches next year.

Will There Be Cities Skylines 2 Mods?

While Cities Skylines 2 will miss out on the extensive mod support its predecessor received, it’s still packing in plenty of quality-of-life features to keep players coming back. Bigger maps, new signature buildings, seasons, and a brand-new day-light cycle all make the sequel more than just a graphical upgrade.

One particularly neat feature is the Bordered Skylines mod, which transforms the game’s outlines into a stylized inked effect that’s both unique and visually appealing. It’s a simple yet strikingly effective way to add your own personal flair to a city.

Unfortunately, mod support won’t be available right away, but Colossal Order has explained in a FAQ that they’ll be confining modding to the Paradox Mods platform, skipping official support for outlets like Steam Workshop. They’ll then release a tool that will allow PC and console users to access mods on the same app, with the option to subscribe to mods or download them as needed. Paradox also notes that mods can change or break the game’s code, so they’ll be working with modders to help make updates as necessary.

Cities Skylines 2 Mod Wishlist

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Cities Skylines 2 modding community is already a part of the game, and its thriving, creating quality-of-life mods for players that can enhance or tweak a variety of aspects within the title.

Some of these mods are purely cosmetic, while others add a level of realism that the base game lacks. One of these is the Wayne Enterprises building by Auldben, which adds a fun easter egg that is sure to delight fans of the comic book franchise. Another is the Modern Townhouse by Cbudd, which allows players to build sleek apartment buildings that are a nice alternative to the traditional structures found in the base game.

For those who like to take pictures of their sprawling metropolises, Camera Grid is a great option that provides a grid for players to follow when taking screenshots. Other useful mods include Intersection Marking Tool by yenyang and Superpancho, which gives players a way to easily create markings on roads at intersections to help improve realism.

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