Coral Island Dating System – How To Romance

Check out the Coral Island dating system and learn how you can win an NPC's heart.

Coral Island, a new farm simulation game, has gotten a lot of attention for its many features. The Dating System is one of them, and it offers fun romance opportunities with more than 50 characters and allows you to bring back up to 20 cast members to your farm and meet their romantic interests.

Coral Island Dating System allows players to romance and even marry NPCs. The NPCs can either be male or female. Players can give them gifts to make their friendship levels go up or down, unlock new dialogue, and move closer to getting hearts.

Each NPC has ten hearts, and earning hearts will reveal more information about the NPC and trigger special events. Once a player has collected enough hearts, they can take an NPC out on a date and eventually marry the NPC.

Coral Island Dating System - How To Romance Lawod ss
Coral Island Dating System - How To Romance 2

LGBTQAI and Marriage in Coral Island

The storylines in the game are engaging, and the characters are incredibly diverse. The game also supports LGBTQAI+ characters, and this feature is actually what makes it unique among its equivalents.

The game is centered around the various characters’ relationships. Characters with whom you’re going to be married in the game can be either male or female.

There will not be separate gender romance categories as in the past, but they will be broken down into groups based on their occupations.

You Are Not Allowed to Build an Army of Children on Coral Island

NPCs can have up to 2 kids, but this rule can be different for some NPCs, like Suki, who already has a child named Valentina. Take a look at the Coral Island characters to learn more. 

The game also features over 15 characters who are eligible to date. (See Coral Island‘s marriage candidates.) You can choose to date any one of them. There is also an option to date people who are not candidates for marriage in Coral Island.

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