Counter-Strike 2 Console Commands

Counter-Strike 2 console commands are a great way to enhance your experience. These handy tricks can help you fine-tune the crosshair, customize your interface, and improve system performance.

CS2 is now playable for everyone, so if you’re just jumping in for the first time, you’ll want to know about these Counter-Strike 2 console commands. These are the most important and useful commands to know.

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How to Enable Developer Console in CS2

The developer console in Counter-Strike 2 is a powerful tool allowing players to access their client’s backend settings, far more than the game’s menu grants.

To enable the console, simply open the Settings menu and head to the “Game” tab. There you will find the option “Enable Developer Console (~)” under the “Game Settings.” Select “Yes,” and you are ready to use it.

After that, you can simply press the “~” or “`” key, which is usually located on the top left side of your keyboard, to have access to the console anytime you need.

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Best Counter-Strike 2 Console Commands

Whether you’re looking to tweak your FPS, fine-tune your crosshair, or even create the perfect practice environment, console commands in CS2 are key to unlocking its full potential. Many of the best CS2 console commands carry over from its predecessor, CS: GO, and can help you improve your aim, movements, and strategy.

Some console commands include the ability to change settings that would otherwise require a restart of the game. Others are more helpful for troubleshooting or optimizing performance. Here are the best Counter-Strike 2 console commands:

cl_showfps 1 / 0displays your in-game FPS
cq_netgraph 1 / 0add a heads-up display of information about your latency in the top right-hand corner
voice_scale 0.5adjusts teammates’ voices on a scale of “0” to “1”
fps_max 0put a limit on your frames per second. (Set “0” for unlimited)
bind [action] [key]bind actions to a key. E.g., if you want to bind jump to “Q”, type “bind jump q”.
volume [0-1]adjust the master volume of the game.
disconnectinstantly disconnect you from the server you are in
quitquit CS2 entirely and return to the desktop
cl_crosshair_friendly_warning 0remove the friendly fire warning that appears on your crosshair when you aim at a teammate
cl_hide_avatar_images 1disables the avatar images for players in CS2
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Counter-Strike 2 Practice Commands

Like its predecessor, CS: GOCounter-Strike 2 has a wealth of console commands. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best practice-related Counter-Strike 2 console commands. They can be used to improve your aim, grenade throwing, or even just help you become more comfortable with the game’s mechanics.

This command allows you to rethrow the same smoke, flash, or grenade you threw. You can bind it to a key, such as bind “V” as “noclip,” to enable it quickly. This command shows player models through walls, helping you spot players who wallhack. It also has a number of other helpful features for watching demos. It is best used on a private server.

sv_cheats 1allows you to override some of the basic limitations of regular matchmaking
nocliplet you fly around the map and clip through walls
sv_infinite_ammo 1give you infinite ammo in all weapons and grenades
mp_respawn_on_death_ct 1 (or _t 1)instantly respawn you when you die
mp_roundtime 60give you an hour of time to practice without any round interruptions
mp_maxmoney 65535this will make sure you have enough cash to buy weapons and granades
mp_buy_anywhere 1buy weapons at any location on the map
mp_restartgame 1this will make sure you have enough cash to buy weapons and utilize
sv_rethrow_last_grenaderethrow the exact same smoke, flash, molly or HE you threw
changelevel [map code] (or de_[name])quickly change maps in a practice server

Counter-Strike 2 Launch Commands

In addition to in-game commands through the console, there are also a few launch commands that we’d recommend. To add these, you need to navigate to the “properties” of CS2 from your Steam library by right-clicking on the game.

-novidprevent the video from playing before launch
-highgive CS2 high priority in terms of CPU usage
-nojoydisables joystick input

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