How to Change Counter-Strike 2 Bot Difficulty?

Learn how you can adjust the CS2 bot difficulty...

Counter-Strike 2 bot difficulty is a feature that allows you to adjust how hard to beat the bots. This feature makes the game more interesting and engaging for new players as well as experienced ones who want to challenge themselves with a harder match or practice against bots.

Practicing against bots is an effective way to warm up in Counter-Strike 2. Although they don’t match the skill level of real players, they are still proficient targets to test your abilities against, especially if you’re trying to learn new techniques. Here is how you can change Counter-Strike 2 bot difficulty:

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How to Change Counter-Strike 2 Bot Difficulty? 3

Select the Bot Difficulty Before the Match

The first method to change the bot difficulty is by using the main menu of the game and selecting the option titled “Bot Difficulty“. This will open a window with different options, which players can select one to apply. The next step is to load into a bot match, and the chosen settings will be applied to the game. It is a straightforward method, and here’s how you can do it step by step:

  1. First, open CS2 and go to the main menu of the game. 
  2. Next, choose the game mode that allows you to play with bots. 
  3. Before starting the game, you will see an option called ‘bot difficulty’ on the screen. 
  4. Click on the “Bot Difficulty” option, and you will see a list of available difficulty levels. 
  5. Choose the difficulty level you want, go back to the main menu, and start the game. 
  6. Once the game begins, all the bots that spawn will have the difficulty level that you have set.
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How to Change Counter-Strike 2 Bot Difficulty? 4

Use CS2 Console Command To Adjust Bot Difficulty

There is also another way that you can adjust CS2 bot difficulty, but you first need to enable CS2 console commands to do this. For more advanced users who are familiar with the developer console in CS2, it’s possible to manually adjust the bot difficulty using console commands.

To access the developer console in the game, you can take a look at our Counter-Strike 2 console commands guide. Once you have enabled the console command, you can start a bot match and enter the following command into the console:

bot_difficulty [number] or [text]

The “bot_difficulty” command should be followed by a number or text assigned for the difficulty you want to set:

  • 0 or easy: Easy difficulty.
  • 1 or normal: Normal difficulty.
  • 2 or hard: Hard difficulty.
  • 3 or expert: Expert difficulty.

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