Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Endings Guide

Here's a comprehensive guide to all the possible Phantom Liberty endings for V's story. This includes details on how to achieve each end, as well as explanations for the outcomes and how they affect V.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a massive game that allows players to branch out and make different choices during the course of its story. Phantom Liberty is no exception. Phantom Liberty has four significant endings that are heavily influenced by your dialogue choices in two key Main Jobs: Firestarter and Killing Moon. These endings’ outcomes rely solely on what you say during these critical moments.

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Phantom Liberty Endings Rely on Your Decisions in the Two Main Missions

You’ll face a crucial decision during the Firestarter mission, where you and Alex sneak into Hansen’s meeting with the netrunner twins. You can either help Reed in capturing Songbird or help Songbird to escape from Reed. Whatever path you choose will affect what happens after the mission and even how the main game ends. 

  1. Helping Songbird’s escape will unlock the “Killing Moon” main job, which offers two possible endings: King of Swords or King of Wands
  2. On the other hand, helping Reed in capturing Songbird will unlock the Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos main job, where you can get either the King of Pentacles or the King of Cups ending.

In the mission Firestarter, if you choose to help Songbird escape from Reed, you will unlock the “Killing Moon” mission and encounter a very important moment at the end of the game. You will have to make a decision whether to let Songbird fly to Luna or hand her over to the NUSA. This decision can significantly impact the outcome of the game.

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King of WandsKill Reed in the Killing Moon– This ending is considered the best ending of Phantom Liberty.

– In this ending, V gains a new perspective on his situation by seeing it through another person’s eyes.

– The story also features a puppet named So Mi, whom Myers and the NUSA manipulated.

– In this ending, So Mi gets a second chance at life. Additionally, Reed is freed from his principles, and Alex enjoys a happy retirement in Monte Carlo. Overall, it’s a satisfying conclusion to the story.
– Songbird will stay on the moon, and there will be no cure for you and Johnny.

– You will find proof of her successful operation during the Main Job, From Her to Eternity.

– Songbird will leave you her personal cyberdeck, the Quantum Tuner.

– You will have a final conversation with Alex and share a drink with her at The Moth during the mission, Unfinished Sympathy.

– After completing the mission, you will find a postcard from Alex at your apartment, informing you that she has left the FIA and is now in Monte Carlo.
King of SwordsHand Songbird Over to Reed in the Killing MoonIf you choose to hand over Songbird to Reed after she confesses about the cure, the King of Swords ending will be unlocked at the end of Killing Moon. Reed will inquire why you gave up on her, and you can reveal the truth about the cure. Subsequently, he will take her inside an FIA AV and inform you that you will soon hear about the operation.This will allow you to see a secret ending. In this ending, Reed will help you find a cure for a problem called Relic degradation. 
To see another ending called “Things Done Changed (Tower Ending)“, you need to complete two main missions called “Through Pain to Heaven” and “Who Wants to Live Forever.”
King of CupsEnd Songbird’s Misery in Somewhat DamagedAt the end of Somewhat Damaged, when you encounter Songbird inside the Cynosure core, she will reveal that her mind has been severely damaged by the Blackwall exposure.
As a result, she will ask V to end her life, so she can die as her true self, rather than being enslaved by either the rogue AIs or the FIA.
If you choose to honor her final request, you will disconnect the cable that connects her to the core, and that will be the end of Songbird.
You (as V) won’t be able to get the cure for a disease called Relic when you choose Songbird over Reed at the end of Killing Moon and honor her wish to die in a mission called “Somewhat Damaged.
In another mission called “Leave in Silence,” both you and Reed will have to transport Songbird’s body to Myers. Unfortunately, your efforts to retrieve So Mi will be unsuccessful, and you’ll only receive a small amount of money as a reward.
King of PentaclesRefuse to Kill Songbird in Somewhat DamagedThe King of Pentacles is considered the worst ending since it perpetuates the cycle of the dog-eat-dog world of Cyberpunk.
If you refuse to honor Songbird’s desire to die, it will lead you down the King of Pentacles ending path. After Songbird explains why she is too weak to go on, you should choose one of two options that will spare her, and Reed will come to your help.
So Mi will eventually be cured by the FIA, but her life purpose went from being the government’s netrunning lap dog to a literal Blackwall slave.
Reed never learns of his mistakes and blindly follows his principles. Unfortunately, Alex never had the chance to escape Night City alive, as she fell victim to Hansen’s deadly grasp.
V will receive a medal of recognition from Myers, along with a guaranteed cure for the Relic.

While it’s not too late to start a fresh save and explore all of the endings in Phantom Liberty, we would still recommend that you do this for the sake of maximum depth. It’s not a major change to the main story, but it does provide a more satisfying experience and adds value to your time in Dogtown. 

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