Disney Dreamlight Valley – How To Unlock Characters?

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a virtual world packed with Disney and Pixar characters. However, you need to do a couple of things to unlock these characters. Here is how!

After you unlock the first Disney character in the game, you can start building his home by collecting Star Coins. The key to unlocking these characters is to build a friendship with them. You will be unable to unlock new characters for a while once you start your game. Here’s everything you need to know about the unlockable characters and how to unlock characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

Early Starter Characters

There are a couple of starter characters you do not have to do much leg work to unlock. All of these starter characters are listed in the following table:

MerlinMerlin is the first character that you’ll see in Disney Dreamlight Valley. He will wait for you next to your house. You will be talking to Merlin most of the time you’re playing
Scrooge McDuckScrooge McDuck waits for you in front of the Plaza. You can save him from the thorns that have been troubling him for some time. Scrooge is in charge of upgrading buildings around the Valley and all constructions being made. He will ask you to help him fix Goofy’s stall.
GoofyAfter you’re done with Scrooge, the Fishing Expedition mission is where you will see Goofy. Goofy is the Valley’s merchant and loves to fish. After your help, he will give you the Royal Fishing Rod.
Mickey MouseMickey Mouse’s house is directly in front of yours. Simply enter his house just behind the garden. Walk inside and remove all the thorns inside Mickey’s house.
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Disney Dreamlight Valley - How To Unlock Characters? 2

Unlockable Characters

Unlocking characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be a fun way to complete quests and unlock new areas. The game features various Disney characters you can meet and talk to. Some are immediately available, while others take effort to unlock. Here’s a handy guide to unlocking your favorite Disney characters in the game.

CharacterHow to Unlock Character
Wall-EComplete the Shy Little Robot quest to unlock Wall-E
MauiComplete the A Feast Worth Of A Demigod quest to unlock Maui
MoanaComplete the After The Storm quest to unlock Moana in the Castle
RemyComplete the An Important Night At The Restaurant quest to unlock Remy in the Castle.
ArielComplete the Lonely Island quest to unlock Ariel at Dazzle Beach.
Prince EricComplete the Poor Unfortunate Prince quest to unlock Prince Eric at Dazzle Beach
UrsulaComplete the With Great Power… quest to unlock Ursula at Dazzle Beach
AnnaComplete the Spirits of Nature quest to unlock Anna in the Castle
ElsaComplete the An Icy Invitation quest to unlock Elsa at the Castle
KristoffComplete the Lost In The Dark Grove quest to unlock Kristoff in the Forest of Valor.
Mother GothelComplete the Curse quest to unlock Mother Gothel in the Glade of Trust
Donald DuckComplete the Lost In The Dark Grove quest to unlock Donald Duck in the Forest of Valor.
Minnie MouseComplete the Memory Magnification quest to unlock Minnie Mouse in the Valley

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