Disney Dreamlight Valley Scar’s Kingdom Update

One of the latest updates to Disney Dreamlight Valley is live and includes a new area themed around Scar and the Lion King.

On October 19th, Disney Dreamlight Valley got a major update. This new update will include a new biome called the Sunlit Plateau. You can encounter sunbirds, bromeliads, and other creatures in this biome. You’ll also get to meet one of Disney’s most famous villains, Scar. Here’s everything you may want to know about the Disney Dreamlight Valley Scar’s Kingdom Update:

Disney Dreamlight Valley Scar’s Kingdom All Patch Notes

  • A new Star Path, Villain Star Path, allows players to explore and befriend a villain.
  • Scar’s Kingdom update includes a new villager and other changes and additions to the game. This new villager is no one but Scar.
  • New features in this update include interacting with your animal companions and new cosmetic items.
  • Players can get some new animals to help their quests.
  • Players can also dress up in the new villain outfits and decorate their village.
  • New Halloween-themed cosmetics.
  • Players can now change their hair color.
  • The update also fixes many bugs and changes how Donald Duck interacts with other characters.
  • Improvements to the game’s photo mode.
  • Several quality-of-life improvements

Players should make sure to save their game before the update. They should also ensure their cloud saves are enabled. This is especially important if they’re playing on multiple platforms.

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