Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story Adventure DLC Released – Here Is Everything

Disney Dreamlight Valley received its second major update, Toy Story Content DLC. Here's pretty much everything about the new DLC.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story Adventure DLC was finally released on December 6th. This new update adds new characters, a new location named the Toy Story Realm, new seasonal content, and more. Here is everything you need to know.

Described by Gameloft as a life-simulation adventure game, Disney Dreamlight Valley follows your character as he or she searches for forgotten memories in a magical valley. There, you can build your own dream neighborhood, decorate it with thousands of wonderful items, and design your own clothes. Featuring a range of Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse, Wreck-It Ralph, The Lion King, The Litter Mermaid, and more, this game is bound to entertain and excite.

The game received its first major content update, which introduced a photo mode, a couple of weeks ago. Today, we can say that Disney Dreamlight Valley continues to receive a lot more content. 

The latest update, which is called Toy Story Adventure DLC, includes more realms and characters, including a Toy Story-themed zone. Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story DLC is now available, and here are the new DLC’s notes:

Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story Adventure
Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story Adventure DLC Released - Here Is Everything 1

The Toy Story Adventure DLC Notes

The Toy Story Adventure DLC is now available to all players of Disney Dreamlight Valley, so you will not have to purchase it. Here are the overall new features that the DLC brings to the game:

  • New characters, Toy Story clothing, and locations in the game
  • News characters Buzz Lightyear and Woody will appear in the game’s opening cinematic and on the title screen.
  • A new location called The Toy Story Realm is based on Andy’s bedroom in the original Toy Story movies.
  • The Toy Story Realm is accessible from the castle in the north of the game.

Toy Story Adventure for Disney Dreamlight Valley Was Released

Toy Story Adventure is the second major content update for Disney Dreamlight Valley, following Scar’s Kingdom. The update was first teased at the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase in September.

The Toy Story update became available for Disney Dreamlight Valley on December 6th.

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