Do Not Begin To Play Horizon Forbidden West Before Reading This Beginner’s Guide

If you are planning to begin playing Horizon Forbidden West, do not start it before reading Lawod's Horizon Forbidden West Beginner's Guide.

Horizon Forbidden West is finally out, and players are enjoying their time with its beautiful gameplay and story. However, if you are an ambitious player just like us and you are looking for tips to not feel regret in the late game, we got your back! 


Lawod’s Horizon Forbidden West beginner’s guide

In this article, we have covered some tips that beginners should know. Lawod’s Horizon Forbidden West beginner’s guide will be highly beneficial, and it will contribute to your gaming experience. So, we recommend you check each of these tips before starting the game. 

Do Not Auto Sell with Sell All Option 

Although the sell-all option may seem quite convenient, it is not, and it can be your biggest enemy. Not all the items marked as safe to sell in your inventory are worth selling for cash. For example, if you prefer this option, you will be selling your animal components, machine hearts, and metal blocks. On the other hand, you can sell all items starting with ingot or ancient. 

Stealth Provides a Great Advantage 

If you want to complete your runs quickly, you need to start every encounter from stealth. Before starting your encounters, make sure that you set traps and focus on the weak points of your enemies from a distance. You may believe that you are losing time by positioning, but actually, you can wipe your enemies faster. 

Don’t Take Fights Above Your Level! 

Firstly, you have a high probability to die and lose your progression. Secondly, you will spend lots of time taking down your enemy, which will also put stress on you. Thirdly, you will not be able to use the items you are going to loot for a long time. Thus, it is okay to avoid fights or run away when your enemy is higher than you. You can check the level of your enemies by pressing R3. 

Plan Your Fights in Advance 

Did you know that you can use the touchpad while scanning to check the weak spots and loot you can earn by detaching certain parts? In this way, you can simply collect the loot you need by focusing on certain parts of machines. 

Traps Are Really Important 

Keep in mind that you are a hunter, and hunters are famous for their traps. This is not an exception in Horizon Forbidden West too. Thus, you need to use your traps and lead your enemies into them, especially the big ones. In this way, you can complete your encounters faster and easier. 

Always Track and Kill Animals 

Besides big machines, you are going to find plenty of animals in Horizon Forbidden West. All you need to do is press R3 while scanning any area and look for orange traces. You can easily kill most animals and loot them to upgrade your pouch. This will help you to carry more ammunition and this will definitely contribute to your gaming experience as you progress in the game. 

Don’t Get Attached to Your Weapons! 

There is no single weapon that will work great for each encounter. Thus, you need to make sure that you have a wide range of weapons with different elemental characteristics. In this way, you can easily swap your weapons during an encounter and find the best alternative for yourself for that particular fight. 

Focus on One Skill Tree at the Early Game 

It will be a wise decision to focus on one skill tree from the start and diversify your skills later on. In this way, you are going to master one combat style, which will provide great benefits and shorten the time you need to spend in your encounters. 

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