Dordle Is An Indie Version of Wordle

These days, simple games are very popular, and without a doubt, Wordle has made a great contribution to this trend. Just like many other popular games, the indie version of Wordle has been developed. And it seems like Dordle is much funnier than the original game.

As you know, Wordle is a word game where you have limited attempts to guess a daily random word. Your attempts are limited to five, and depending on your attempts, you will get clues like the correct letters and the location of these correct letters. On the other hand, Dordle offers the same gaming experience with unlimited attempts.

What Are the Differences Between Dordle and Wordle?

The first and most important difference between Dordle and Wordle is that your attempts are not limited in Dordle. In addition to this, the game offers two different modes. One of them is that you will try to guess a random daily word with unlimited attempts. The other one is that you can let the game decide on a new word once you guess it.

Of course, limiting your guess rights may be fun and offer more challenges. However, Wordle has huge setbacks, such as limiting the attempt rights of the gamers to 5. This makes the game quite challenging, and players cannot try again on the same day. On the other hand, Dordle offers great freedom to have fun.

How to Play Dordle?

Dordle is a completely free-to-play game that offers two different modes to players. You can visit, a popular platform for indie developers and indie games, to play the game whenever you want. The game was developed by Zaratustra, and since its first launch, it has managed to be as popular as Wordle.

Besides, some websites also embed the game on their pages, which means you can access the game on different platforms as well.

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