ElecHead – The Smartest Platformer

If you often follow the news in puzzle games, you might already hear about ElecHead. This fun puzzle game managed to be highly popular after its release. Therefore, we wanted to prepare an article about it. In this way, you can learn more about this simple game that offers plenty of fun for the players.

It is a combination of puzzle and platformer games with little to no description provided by the developer. However, there is no need for any description since anyone can easily get the concept of the game by simply playing it. Below, you can find more details about this game that we liked a lot. 


ElecHead Overview

ElecHead is one of the new video games that offer puzzle and platformer genres. The game was developed by NamaTakahashi and Tsuyomi and was released on October 14, 2021. It has pretty basic controls and gameplay that anyone can enjoy relaxing during the day.

Elec stands for electricity, and you control a weird yet funny-looking robot to complete the stages. Quite well-planned stages are waiting for the players in this great game. We believe that the game appeals to players of all ages. We recommend giving it a try, especially if you like a puzzle or platformer games. 

ElecHead offers quite a simple adventure. You’ll control a fun robot and try to complete the stages one by one. There are hundreds of quests you can play, and the puzzles you need to solve, getting more challenging as you proceed in the game. 

In the game, one thing you need to be aware of is you have an ability that allows you to throw your head away. In this way, you need to overcome specific challenges, cut electricity on the floor so that your body can pass. Although you can throw your head away, you will not be able to control it anymore but your body. 

Why Should You Play ElecHead? 

We all know how relaxing puzzle and platformer games are. In this respect, ElecHead can offer you this luxury. However, it is also worth noting that some of the platforms are highly challenging, and you may need to take some breaks to gather your wit from time to time. 

The game appeals to players of all ages, and we believe anyone can have plenty of fun playing this game. Unfortunately, it is only available on the PC platform, and ElecHead only supports Windows. 

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