Evil West Missions List

Evil West is designed as a single-player action-adventure game, but it also allows players to take on missions with a friend or a partner. Most missions will take between 25 and 40 minutes, but the game will also give players a chance to revisit previously completed levels.

In addition to the main storyline, players can take on side missions that will give them additional Bucks, the game’s primary form of currency. Aside from collecting Bucks, players will also have to earn upgrades to their weapons. Some upgrades will need to be bought from shops, while others can be found by going on adventures.

The game’s main quest will take players through a series of 16 missions. Each level has its own goals, such as finding hidden treasures and killing monsters that are hiding in the woods. Some missions will also have players competing in arenas against evil creatures. Here’s the list of all Evil West missions:

  • Mission 1 – The Questionable Cargo
  • Mission 2 – The Raid
  • Mission 3 – The First Spark
  • Mission 4 – From Dusk Till Dawn
  • Mission 5 – The Devil’s Pass
  • Mission 6 – Remote RI Outpost
  • Mission 7 – Smoke and Mirrors
  • Mission 8 – Pharmakon
  • Mission 9 – Where Oil Tastes Like Blood
  • Mission 10 – Bats In The Belfry
  • Mission 11 – A Man Of The People
  • Mission 12 – Lightning In A Bottle
  • Mission 13 – Old Friends
  • Mission 14 – A Son’s Duty
  • Mission 15 – The Heist
  • Mission 16 – The Grand Finale

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