Evil West Enemies

There are many weird enemies in Evil West, where you play as a vampire hunter living in an alternate 1800s Wild West. Here's an overview of enemies you will encounter while playing Evil West.

Evil West is a third-person shooter made by Flying Wild Hog. It takes place in a different version of the Wild West in the 1800s and has a variety of enemies to fight with. Among its many features, players are able to combine weapons and skills to blast their way through the evil-filled land.

Those looking for a third-person shooter that’s more like a brawler than a shooter should check out Evil West. It’s a hybrid combat experience that shares a lot of DNA with God of War. Players take on the role of Jesse Rentier, a secret agent in an organization that’s fighting supernatural creatures.

Enemy Types in Evil West 

There are 3 different types of enemies in the Evil West. All three have their own number of variations. Players must use specific tactics and weapons to deal with different enemies. Here are all three enemy types in the Evil West:


  • There are mutant humans, or simply vampires. 
  • They perform melee attacks and are generally easy to take down. Sanguisuges have variants like spitters, brutes, and bosses.
  • Sanguisuges are the easiest enemies to deal with. They are just walking meatballs to players. Using cannonball moves to deal with these foul creatures is always good.


  • Monsters are the strongest types of enemies in Evil West. 
  • They mostly perform melee attacks. 
  • They are stronger, quicker, and smarter. 
  • They also have some variants.
  • The best way to deal with Monsters is the zapper. Players should try to hit the weak points of these monsters to easily kill them.


  • Familiars can be annoying because most of them use ranged weapons.
  • Familiars’ attacks land very quickly. 
  • Players should use their gunslinging plays will take care of them because they’re the best ways to kill familiars while playing.

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