Fan-Made Battlefield Parody Clownfield 2042 is Now Available

We all know that Battlefield 2042 was a total fiasco and disappointed many players from all around the world. One of these disappointed players developed an amazing parody game called Clownfield 2042. If you are looking for some fun time to enjoy in your free time, then this review may be the right choice for you.

Below, we have covered everything you may want to learn about this fun parody game. In our opinion, you will have a much better time in Clownfield 2042 than Battlefield 2042. Thus, we highly recommend checking the following information to learn more.


As we noted before, Clownfield 2042 is a parody game that was inspired by Battlefield 2042. This amazing game was developed and published by Riverside Sports on December 31, 2021. It is also the last official release of 2021 and received quite positive feedback from its players.

Everything is almost the same with Battlefield 2042. The only differences are that Clownfield 2042 has better mechanics but poor graphics. If you do not mind the graphics a lot, you can find a lot of enjoyment in this great game. Though its graphics are not that bad but just primitive.

When it comes to gameplay, you are going to control a soldier belonging to the No-Clowns group. After the collapse of nations in 2022 due to the NFT crash, unions have been formed and they are fighting each other.

In this respect, you will be one of the best soldiers of your union and complete the missions assigned to you. Besides dozens of weapons to use, you can also ride different military vehicles. The best part of Clownfield 2042 is it also offers a multiplayer option and is constantly updated by the developers.


Clownfield 2042 Editor Opinion

If you are disappointed by Battlefield 2042 and show your reaction, then its parody game Clownfield 2042 may be one of the best choices for you. It is a well-optimized game that does not lead to any problems that most players had to experience while playing Battlefield 2042.

In addition to this, we believe that Clownfield 2042 offers a great first-person shooting experience to players. In case you are looking for a great game to shoot your enemies all the time, you can have a great time while playing this great game. Moreover, you do not need any advanced hardware to run it.

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