Genshin Impact Secret Room Key Enkanomiya

Genshin Impact is one of the most played open-world anime games in the world, and it is full of surprises. One of these surprises is Genshin Impact Secret Room.  

After the last update, we found a secret room in Genshin Impact, like many other players. However, there are additional steps you need to follow to access this room and its content. In this regard, we have covered everything you might want to know about this room and its key! So, keep reading to learn more!

Where Is the Secret Room Key in Genshin Impact?

First, you need to get the key to access the secret room in Genshin Impact. For this purpose, you need to visit Enkanomiya. Here, you need to travel to The Narrows region, where the secret room and its key are located. Make sure that you are going to visit Enkanomiya while it is in white night.

At the top corner of the map, you are going to see three mechanisms. You need to set these mechanisms in the right order to access the key. You will receive a message that will tell you that you successfully set the machine to the right position. Make sure you will do the same thing in three mechanisms to access the key.


Where Is the Secret Room in Enkanomiya?

Once you get the key, you now need to find the secret room. Do not worry! It is not that far away from the location where you find the secret key. Go south on the map until you pass the small bridge that connects two rocks. Once you do so, you will see a large rock on your right hand.

Pass through this rock, and you are going to see it on the right wall. You are going to see five symbols as the location of the secret room. If you have a challenging time finding the room, you can also look for it on the across of the teleport waypoint.

What Can You Find in Genshin Impact Secret Room?

After you find the mural, you can use your key to access the secret room in Genshin Impact. It is worth noting that you will have to solve a puzzle and kill the beast you are going to summon. Doing so will grant you a luxurious chest. It is worth noting that you cannot access the secret room while it is evernight on the map.

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