Ghostwire Tokyo Beginner’s Guide

Ghostwire: Tokyo is out, and many players are jumping into the dangerous but rewarding Tokyo streets. If you are planning to be one of them, we have listed tips and tricks that will help you on your journey. Before you start, make sure to read our Ghostwire Tokyo review and watch our gameplay to learn more details about the game. Without further ado, let’s get started with number one:

1. Combat Upgrades

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, you will encounter enemies in nearly every street. Even though the game offers resources and ammo frequently when you are in a fight, you don’t have time to walk around looking for them. Because of this, combat upgrades, especially attack speed and higher regen, are crucial. Also, stealth is a reliable way to take down strong enemies. Lastly, upgrading your core grabbing speed will save you in many situations.

2. Explore The World and Look Out For Phone Booths

We can’t call Ghostwire: Tokyo a completely open-world game, but exploration is vital. Make sure to check every corner for resources, side missions, collectibles, and shops. Phone booths are very useful for making money and gaining XP in exchange for souls.

3. Always seek Toki Shrines at first

For map exploration, you will need to find Toki shrines and cleanse them to clean the fog. This will allow you to go further on the map. Shrines also offer several gifts if they are cleansed. Even if you are busy, always cleanse the shrines when you are near one.

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Ghostwire Tokyo Beginner's Guide 2

4. Invest in Katashiros

Katashiros are used for gathering souls, which will return as money and XP, and, of course, saving souls. You can have a limited number of souls, so increasing the number of them is vital. You might find souls but can’t pick them up because you are full. Or you can’t go back and forth picking up souls. Katashiros are expensive, but worth the payment. In Ghostwire: Tokyo, finding money isn’t a big issue.

5. Buy Omikuji For Easier Progress

Another thing to buy is Omikuji (try to read it in Japanese, every word sounds very cool). They will (almost every time) boost you in several ways. As we mentioned before, every little advantage you get will improve your gameplay significantly.

6. Use Spectral Vision Frequently

Last but not least is spectral vision. In many games, you have some sort of scanner to get info about your surroundings. KK, the spirit that helps you, gives you the most advanced scanner of all time. When spectral vision is used, you can see the collectibles, resources, enemies, shrines, and everything else you can interact with. Use spectral vision constantly; look out if you missed anything or anyone.

These are six tips we can give you to start your adventure. Ghostwire: Tokyo is a fun game, but it can become quite challenging if you don’t have the right info. Do you have any other tips you use in your gameplay? Let us know in the comments below.

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