Hi-Fi Rush Mods

Hi-Fi Rush mods are easy to unlock new features and improve your gameplay experience. You only need to download a free game mod and install it in your Hi-Fi Rush. Such modes can bring different types of changes to your game. With the help of these mods, you can turn your character (Chai) into Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes or Nero from Devil May Cry. You can even change your characters’ sprites to reflect their personalities.

You can also share your Hi-Fi Rush skills online with a streaming mode. This alternate audio mode replaces licensed songs with original songs made specifically for streamers, so you can post your battles without any worry! These mods are great for adding some style to the gameplay, and they also improve the overall game experience by making it easier to progress through the different levels. They’re available for all platforms and are easy to install. The mods are free to download and can be used on any PC running the base version of Hi-Fi Rush.

Travis Touchdown Outfit

Travis Touchdown Outfid Mod by Killbunny7897 retextures various clothing items, therefore, you’ll need to purchase them all from the shop. You can visit NexusMods for the instructions on the mod. Here are the features of the Travis Touchdown mod of Hi-Fi Rush:

Outfit ItemReplaces
HairGreen Hair
JacketRock Rider Jacket
ShirtStarbolt T-shirt
PantsRoll-Down Jeans
ArmPower Robot Arm
AccessorySuperstar Sunglasses (part of the Superstar outfit)

Nero Jacket For Chai

Once you download the Nero Jacket For Chai mod, it will bring your Chai the Jacket of Nero from Devil May Cry series. It is very easy to install the mod.

To install and patch the game with the utoc bypass mod, visit NexusMod, then create a folder named ~mods and drop all the files there, and you’re all set.

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