Gnarled Hag – A Short Horror Game

Gnarled Hag is a short horror game developed by indie game developer Pompasaur based on Hansel and Gretel. An adorable little girl has to plan her every move to escape the house where she has been held captive by an evil witch. And you’ll help her to escape.

Indie games might be the best games for some of us. Also, they have the potential to be a great game. For instance, look at Among Us, Fall Guys, or Friday Night Funkin. They all started as a simple indie game. Why shouldn’t Gnarled Hag be one of them?

Gnarled Hag Trailer

You can watch the short video about the game below. This preview video will tell you how the game is played and its graphics.

Gnarled Hag is a short horror sidescroller game that you’ll control a cute little girl. You need to help her escape from the creepy old house where she is being held captive by a wicked witch. Don’t forget to hide whenever the witch is passing nearby you. This game offers you a thriller story that’ll keep you anxious and on the edge of your seat till the very end.

Gnarled Hag is quite a simple-to-play game and takes almost 10 minutes to play the whole game. You are playing the game as following controllers: Arrow keys to move around, shift to run, spacebar to jump, Z to pick up/open, X to use an object, and C to drop. This game is designed in Pixel Art, like many other indie games. The visuals and atmosphere are pretty enough considering the context of the game.


Gnarled Hag Download

Gnarled Hag is available on itch.IO for only Windows PCs. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to play the game without downloading it. You should download Gnarled Hag to your Windows PC to play the game. In addition, Gnarled Hag is a free-to-play game but, don’t forget the support the developer to see more games like this. After all, a game isn’t made easy, right.

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