Hi-Fi Rush Narrator – Voice Actors

Hi-Fi Rush, a rhythm-based action game developed by Tango Gameworks, has become an unexpected sensation on Xbox Series X|S and PC. The game stands out with gameplay, game visuals, art, and its wonderful narrative. There is a bunch of great people who worked as Hi-Fi Rush voice actors. Here are all they.

Let’s start with the protagonist. Robbie Daymond voices Chai, the protagonist of Hi-Fi Rush. He has voiced characters for numerous animated television shows and video games. For instance, he voiced Goro Akechi in Persona 5.

Hi-Fi Rush also features characters like Zanzo, Macaron, and CNMN, each with distinct voices and personalities. Todd Haberkorn voices Zanzo, while Sunil Malhotra voices CNMN, the analytical robot part of Macaron’s team.

David Fane voices Roquefort, one of Chai’s allies in Hi-Fi Rush. A New Zealand actor, he’s appeared in anime, movies, and several lesser-known series.

Misty Lee voices Rekka in Hi-Fi Rush. She is a well-known actress in the animation industry and has also voiced characters such as Sigrun in God of War: Ragnarok and Envy in Darksiders III.

Roger Craig Smith provided the voice of the main villain in Hi-Fi Rush. He’s featured in numerous video games and animated television shows, but his most renowned role was Thomas from The Regular Show.

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