Hi-Fi Rush Special Attacks

Hi-Fi Rush is one of the most unexpected and highly praised games to hit stores in recent memory. Its rhythmic combat combines a number of genres, but at its core, it's all about timing. There are also some special attacks in the game, and this article covers them for you.

Hi-Fi Rush is a third-person action game featuring many deadly combos and special attacks. The main protagonist of the game, Chai, will get a robotic arm that will allow him to perform many attacks in the game. There are light and heavy attacks in Hi-Fi Rush that take one or two beats to land, rewarded with damage bonuses. Each hit also launches a combo. 

While the gameplay is simple and intuitive, the combat in Hi-Fi Rush requires a lot of precision. This is because everything in the game is based on the beat of the music. Your attacks, footsteps, and even the world itself work together in unison to create a powerful beat that dictates the flow of the combat.

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Best Special Attacks in Hi-Fi Rush

Special attacks in Hi-Fi Rush are designed to deal massive damage to your enemies. You can perform them by pressing the attack button in sequential order to hit the beat of the music. Performing them in this way will allow you to do heavy damage and help you gain more gears and unlock new combos. Here are some of these special attacks included in Hi-Fi Rush.

  • 808-Gigawatt Cat Attack is One of the most impressive attacks that let you unleash massive glowing claws that can shred enemies. It’s a good special for close-range enemies and tackling the game’s toughest bosses. This isn’t just a great special attack, however: it also happens to be one of the most powerful in the game. Not only does it deal more damage than Double Riff, but it can also be followed by any other combo. It’s also a good special attack in the game’s first few levels because it can help you charge your Reverb Gauge quickly. The reverb meter is the key to unlocking all the special attacks in Hi-Fi Rush, so having a good amount of it can be helpful in combat.
  • Aside from basic special attacks, a few more are worth keeping in your inventory. These include Overdrive Slash, a frontal mid-range attack that deals a lot of damage to enemies. The Overdrive Slash can be performed by pressing the left and right stick buttons at once. The Overdrive Slash can be performed up to four times and can deal a lot of damage to enemies.
  • Power Chord is another great special attack you learn in Hi-Fi Rush and which is a great way to stun enemies and make boss battles easier. You can recharge this attack by gathering batteries in the game or by getting a battery upgrade item from the shop.
  • Another great special attack is Shred, which looks cool and is a good attack for charging your Reverb Gauge quickly. It also helps you charge area damage-based attacks in the game.

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