How to Get Cinnabar in Wandering Sword?

This guide will help you find Cinnabar in Wandering Sword so you can continue on your journey to greatness.

Wandering Sword is an adventure game where you play as a young swordsman caught up in a feud. To escape the conflict, you’ll embark on a journey to learn the highest form of martial arts and become a hero. Along the way, you’ll explore the exciting world of martial arts, learning many new things and leveling up your alchemy skills to become a great martial artist. But to do that, you’ll need to collect a special material called Cinnabar, which is not easy to find.

How to Get Cinnabar in Wandering Sword?
How to Get Cinnabar in Wandering Sword? 2

Getting Cinnabar in Wandering Sword

To advance in alchemy, players need to find a special material called Cinnabar. This can be done by going to two locations in the game: Petalsfall Forest and Tiger Roar Mountain

At Petalsfall Forest, players can get some Cinnabar, while at Tiger Roar Mountain, they can find three of them each time. However, there is one Cinnabar at the bottom of a steep cliff, and it takes a lot of time to get, so it’s not worth it. 

If players want to get common materials, the best way is to complete a quest in Nanyu Village, which is located in the far southwest corner of the game map. This quest will give players access to a mineral cave in the village, where they can farm for materials until their stamina runs out. However, keep in mind that the materials players get from the cave will be random and can include rocks, Cinnabar, iron, jade, gold, Coldiron ore, black gold ore, and more.

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