How to Join Each Faction in Starfield?

There are many factions in Starfield that one can join, but it is not possible to be a member of all at once. Here is a guide on how to join the major factions:

If you’re excited about Bethesda’s recently released space RPG Starfield, you’ll love that there are a ton of options for you to choose from when it comes to joining factions.

These Starfield factions are a big part of the game and offer some seriously cool storylines, quests, and rewards. Plus, they’ll help you decide how you want to play the game and which side you want to align yourself with.

So, if you’re ready to join the United Colonies Vanguard or smuggle for the Crimson Fleet, we’ve got you covered with this guide on how to join each major faction.

How to join Constellation?

How to join Constellation Lawod ss
How to Join Each Faction in Starfield? 6

One of the major factions that you can align yourself with is Constellation, a group of scientists and explorers dedicated to unlocking the universe’s mysteries.

Constellation’s endeavors are tied to the main story, and you’ll automatically join Constellation after completing one of the first main story missions and start receiving cryptic visions about an alien artifact they have been investigating. So, it’s almost impossible to not join this faction unless you completely avoid the main story.

You’ll meet Sarah Morgan, Barrett, Matteo, Sam Coe (a former mercenary and exploration robot), and other members of the faction as you complete their quests.

How to join the United Colonies Vanguard?

How to join the United Colonies Vanguard
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While it is not mandatory to join factions in Starfield, doing so adds depth to the game’s lore. It gives you access to unique missions and rewards while also immersing you in the galaxy’s conflicts.

To join United Colonies, aka UC Vanguardtalk to Commander Tuala in the MAST building on Jemison planet as part of an early-game quest. He’ll ask you if you want to pass his test, an exam in which you must defeat three waves of enemy ships in a simulator.

Once you’ve passed the exam, return to Tuala and swear your oath. He’ll then assign you a probationary mission called Grunt Work, which plays out on a different planet. It is not recommended to rush through this mission, so take your time.

How to join Freestar Rangers?

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The Freestar Collective is another faction you can join in Starfield, and they also offer a fun storyline that’s separate from the main plot. However, the process to join this group is a bit longer than other factions like UC Vanguard.

The best way to join the Freestar Rangers is to advance the main story until you reach Main Mission 03: The Empty Nest. This quest will send you to Akila City on the planet of Akila in the Cheyenne system. Once there, speak to Emma at The Rock and complete the Faction Mission called Job Gone Wrong.

This will open up the Deputized quest, which can be completed to become a Ranger. From there, you can start taking Freestar Collective missions at the Mission Board.

How to join Crimson Fleet?

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Crimson Fleet is the bad-guy faction in Starfield and the one that allows players to do an evil playthrough of the game. They are a group of space pirates that fly a stylized Jolly Roger as their emblem.

If you decide to become a member of the Crimson Fleet, you’ll need to complete the Deep Cover mission in the Cydonia Central Hub. This simple task involves infiltrating UC SysDef as a mole and then talking to Commander Kibwe Ikande. 

Successfully completing this quest will shift the Fleet’s attitude towards you and access to “The Key,” their space station in the Kryx system. You’ll also get exclusive ship modifications, such as the Scan Jammer that protects against police scans looking for smuggled contraband.

How to join Ryujin Industries?

How to join Ryujin Industries Lawod ss
How to Join Each Faction in Starfield? 10

One of the unique factions in Starfield is Ryujin Industries, which prioritizes corporate efficiency and is based in Neon.

To join Ryujin Industries, pick up the Back to the Grind side mission and explore New Atlantis or Volii Alpha until you find a terminal near the landing pad at the top of the Trade Tower that reads “Lane”. Talk to her and submit your job application to begin receiving tasks from this faction.

To learn more about Starfield factions, take a look at the article. Stay tuned to Lawod to find more content for Starfield.

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