How to Unlock Kyros in Wayfinder?

Kyros is a character in Wayfinder who uses his tremendous mystical power to scatter enemies with blasts of energy, form arcane shields, and crush them with a powerful shockwave. Despite his destructive abilities, Kyros is, first and foremost, a scientist. He is determined to use his knowledge of the natural world to save his crumbling home.

As you know, each Wayfinder character has a unique playstyle, distinctive abilities, and their own lore. In order to unlock a new character, you will need to play the game and complete quests. 

Moreover, some characters, like Kyros, can be purchased from in-game store. So, players who want to play with Kyros can unlock this powerful character by purchasing it via the in-game store.

How to Unlock Kyros in Wayfinder Lawod ss
How to Unlock Kyros in Wayfinder? 2

Kyros’ Lore in Wayfinder

There is a place called the Kingdom of Ashes that has been abandoned for thousands of years. The beaches there are covered in bones and the remains of crystal buildings still stand tall. Kyros knows it used to be a great civilization that accomplished more than even the Avar Imperium or the Maze.

He has a strong memory of studying the very essence of reality itself, and even gaining the ability to become a being of pure mystical energy, with a skeleton made of arcstone and crystal. Despite possessing immense power, Kyros is primarily a scientist. He is committed to putting an end to the Gloom, and won’t stand by while yet another civilization is destroyed. However, he believes that the key to defeating the Gloom lies in understanding it.

Kyros is a powerful wizard who is also very smart. He’s been lost in space for a really long time, and he’s forgotten a lot of things. He wants to know what happened to his people and how their wonderful country became a place of ruins. He’s not sure if he had anything to do with it, but he wants to find out. There are answers out there waiting for him to discover.

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