Latest Virtual Event on Fortnite – KAWS NEW FICTION

Metaverse is getting widespread in the world, and most successful games implement it in their stories in different ways. Of course, Fortnite did not hold itself back from this trend and offered an amazing virtual event in the game. Players are able to visit an art gallery in the game right now!

If you would like to learn more about this event, you may love this review. We have compiled everything you need to know, including the original art exhibit. It is worth noting that the event will be available between January 18 and January 25. So, hurry up!

What Is Fortnite KAWS New Fiction?

Fortnite KAWS New Fiction is content that allows Fortnite players to visit a virtual art exhibition. More and more games are implementing virtual events as metaverse technology becomes more widespread. In this regard, BeyondCreative created a virtual version of the Serpentine North Gallery in London.

In this gallery, you are going to find the works of KAWS. If you do not know what KAWS is, have no worries. We have covered everything you might wonder about in the following section. Moreover, players need an island code to access this virtual event, which we have covered in the following as well.


Who is KAWS?

KAWS is one of the popular modern artists who offers fun, contemporary, and stunning paintings and sculptures. He is one of the most popular artists of our time, and his exhibitions attract millions. So, if you have never seen his work yet, this event may be a great chance for you to enjoy it.

You are going to enjoy the exact same exhibition that is available in London right now. So, KAWS NEW FICTION offers you a chance to travel to this exhibition without getting up from your seat. Thus, we assure you that you may not want to miss this opportunity. In the following section, you will learn how to visit this exhibition in Fortnite.

How to Visit KAWS and Serpentine Hub?

KAWS NEW FICTION is available in KAWS and Serpentine Hub, both available on Fortnite Island. The exhibition will be offered for a limited time. Players can enjoy this event between January 18 and January 25. In addition to this, you need the island code to visit the event.

Well, what is this island code? This island code allows you to access the exhibition without any time duration. All you need to do is type 9441-7852-6686 for the island code section in the lobby to visit the exhibition.

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