Lost Ark Questing and Skilling Guide

Check out to learn which quests you should take to level up quickly and which trade skills you can unlock in Lost Ark. Here is Lawod's Lost Ark Questing and Skilling Guide.

Lost Ark dropped in February, as you may know, and many people are only now hopping into the game to see what it’s about. When you first get into the game, you select your classes and customize your characters; this is partly based on your preference, but if you want more info on that, there are many helpful pages like this one.

Because the game is relatively new, many people who are just starting now need more information on Lost Ark and its mechanics. Therefore, it is understandable to feel swamped and confused when loading up the game since many features are available. This guide will focus on the activities and skills you want to focus on based on your preference to clarify things. So, if you are a new Lost Ark player looking to learn the basics, we’ve got you covered!

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Lost Ark Quests and How To Level Up

Firstly, the best way to gain experience in Lost Ark, and therefore, level up, is to do quests. Like in the closed Beta (for those who played it), you will spawn at level ten with the advanced class of your choice. When you start Lost Ark, there are many distinct quests to do, so knowing which ones offer the most experience is crucial if you want to level up quickly.

If you want to skip most quests and just hit max level as soon as possible, you will have to prioritize the main storyline quests, which are marked in bright orange. You will immediately start one right after the prologue, so it’s not hard to follow them. Other quests you will encounter on your way are common quests, which are marked in yellow.

The common quests give you more background on the NPCs in a given area, and danger quests require you to kill enemies that pop up as you travel. The main problem with side quests is that they provide you with less experience than the main quests, so it’s better to revisit them later if you want to level up as quickly as possible.

Some other quests are advisable to take; these are adventure or guide quests. Guide quests are marked in purple, giving you tutorials on how to do specific activities in Lost Ark. The best guide quests to do are the “better together” and “learning about pets” quests. These will tell you how to take care of pets, which is extremely helpful.

Pets loot the ground after every encounter or when you open treasure chests. They can even remove the teleportation fee you pay when traveling through triports, saving you a lot of Gold, which can take a lot of work to make. If you need help earning Gold, you can buy Lost Ark gold.

Lost Ark Questing and Skilling Guide Trade Skills You Can Unlock
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Trade Skills You Can Unlock

You can also gain access to life or trade skills by doing various quests which unlock them for you, trade skills you can unlock include the following:

  • Foraging (Gathering plants and flowers for potions)
  • Logging (Cutting trees for wood to fortress your stronghold)
  • Mining (Mine ore to craft weapons and explosives)
  • Hunting (Gather animal parts for food)
  • Fishing (Gather fish to cook food)
  • Excavating (Unearth relics for Gold)

You will use your trade skills to gather various materials and use them to craft materials and consumables. Crafting comes at the expense of a limited resource called “work energy.” Work energy can deplete, so if yours is too low, you have to wait a few days before you can use your trade skills again. It takes a very long time to progress in trade skills, so it’s better to start with these immediately as you are leveling up, so you don’t have to backtrack at max level.

Carrying out these trade skills requires using trade skill tools that degrade over time. For low-ranked tools, purchasing new ones is better than using silver to repair them. For rare tools, it is better to sharpen them using crystals to use them for a longer time.

We hope that you enjoyed our skilling and questing guide. Unfortunately, there is little information about this, so we hope this has been helpful. This is just one aspect of Lost Ark, so make sure to get into the gameplay and experience all the other exciting features that the game has, and stay tuned for more guides coming up.

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