Lost Ark – Review of Upcoming MMORPG

Lost Ark is an upcoming multiplayer online action role-playing (MMORPG) game, which will be released in Fall 2021 for the European and the North American Region. It has been announced that this massive MMORPG developed by Smilegate RPG will be distributed by Amazon Games in Europe and North America. Well, let’s take a brief look at what kind of game awaits us in the Fall of 2021.

Lost Ark Gameplay Trailer

Lost Ark in a Nutshell

According to a recent statement by Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG, it has been announced that the massive MMORPG, Lost Ark, which is currently playable for free in South Korea, Russia, and Japan, will also be released for the European and North American regions.

The game currently has millions of active users, and it shows that the game will be mostly bug-free. The game’s developer is Smilegate RPG, which developed the successful first-person shooter game Crossfire, and having such a successful developer gives us confidence. We also know that Amazon Games is collaborating with Smilegate RPG to provide the best possible experience for gamers in North America and Europe. And they will translate the huge world of Lost Ark into written and spoken dialogues in English, French, German and Spanish. Well, what else, right?

In Lost Ark, you will be on a journey to find the legendary Lost Ark and save the region from an evil threat. You will also discover the vast and diverse world of Arkesia. You’ll try to use characters with 15 different hero classes in various battle combinations and create your own legends, alone or with allies.

Lost Ark Release Date

Previously only available in Open Beta in Korea, Japan, and Russia, Lost Ark has been playable for free since Late 2018. Recently, Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG have revealed that Lost Ark will be published in the Western countries during the 2021 Summer Game Fest Kickoff Life. The release date for the Lost Ark is set for Fall 2021.

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