Lost Ark Is About to Launch – Here Is Everything You Should Now

Lost Ark was one of the most anticipated online games for a year, and finally, we have just a few weeks left. Amazon Games announced the Lost Ark release date and introduced the pre-purchase bonuses and packs.

If you would like to learn more about this fantastic game and its release date, don’t miss your opportunity to read this article. We have covered everything you should know before the release! This includes the story and gameplay, pre-purchase packs, and much more! Before you read this article you may want to check out the Lost Ark – first glance article.

Lost Ark is one of the free-to-play massively multiplayer role-playing games that will be released soon. The game is being developed by Smilegate RPG and offers an amazing action-adventure in a fantasy world. You will choose between five different classes and battle for the Ark in this great game.

Although it will be released as a free-to-play game, Lost Ark offers microtransactions within the game. According to the announcements, the developers will not aim to release a pay to win the game. They want to offer an equal opportunity to all players. Considering its graphics and storyline, Lost Ark will be one of the best MMORPG releases of 2022.

Lost Ark Release Date

According to the recent announcement, Lost Ark will be released on February 11, 2022. However, players who will buy any of the pre-purchase packs will be able to enjoy a head start. These players will be able to start playing the game three days before the official release, and they can keep their progression.

We have seen many promising MMORPGs, which failed a few months after their official release. This is why we hope that developers can keep their word and provide an equal opportunity for all players. So far, Lost Ark has been received plenty of overwhelmingly positive feedback on Steam during its beta.


What Are Lost Ark Pre-Purchase Packs and Prices?

You can pre-purchase packs for Lost Ark to benefit from different cosmetics, titles, avatars, and much more. So far, the game offers four packs with various content. In the following, you can find all these packs. It is worth noting that each pack also includes all the benefits that the smaller pack offers.

Bronze Pre-Purchase Pack

The bronze pre-purchase pack is offered at $14.99. It offers some basic advantages to players. These include a three-day head start, an exclusive pet for founders, a special title named founder’s title, and a 30-day crystalline aura.

Silver Pre-Purchase Pack

You can purchase the Silver pre-purchase pack for $24.99. In addition to the content of the previous pack, this one also includes 1,000 royal crystals. Moreover, silver pre-purchase pack buyers can also enjoy a silver supply crate. We believe this crate includes a probability of finding rare items.

Gold Pre-Purchase Pack

You can also buy the Gold pre-purchase pack for $49.99. As you can guess, this pack has more advantages. In addition to the content of the previous pack, you will receive 3,000 more royal crystals, a gold supply crate, the founder’s exclusive avatar, and a character expansion slot.

Platinum Pre-Purchase Pack

The last and most expensive pack is the platinum pre-purchase pack and available at $99.99. You will receive 7,000 royal crystals, platinum supply crate, founder’s avatar, platinum welcome crate, and founder’s exclusive mount.

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