Lunacid Weapons Guide

Lunacid is an indie game that falls into the genre of first-person dungeon crawlers and follows the story of a group of outcasts who have been thrown into a bottomless pit for their petty crimes. The only way for them to escape is to venture deeper into the darkness and confront the old one who sleeps below. On their journey, they will encounter various creatures and discover secrets.

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To progress through Lunacid, players will need to find weapons to equip and use against enemies. The game offers a range of weapons that can be upgraded at Smith’s Grave, allowing players to increase their strength and damage-dealing capabilities. 

However, not all weapons are created equal. Some are better suited for specific play styles, while others are more versatile and can be used for all purposes. This guide provides an overview of the best weapons in Lunacid.

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How Do You Choose the Best Weapon in Lunacid?

When it comes to choosing a weapon, the first step is to decide on the type of damage that you prefer. Some weapons are better suited for close combat, while others are more effective for ranged attacks. This decision is crucial, as you may need to switch between weapons during the game to deal with different challenges.

Once you have decided, you must select a weapon that complements your class and build. Lunacid offers a wide range of upgradable weapons, each with its own unique strengths and damage-dealing capabilities. To make the most out of your weapons, you will need to assign skill points to your build and upgrade your weapons at Smith’s Grave.

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Limbo is a unique weapon that can only be crafted through alchemy. To create it, you must combine the Broken Sword, Fractured Life, and Fractured Death. It is the only weapon that requires Alchemy to be crafted, aside from consumable weapons like Throwing Knives or Bombs. The sword is powerful and deals both Light and Dark damage. However, its main use is for defeating Death, as it allows him to drop the Death Scythe.

Death Scythe

The Death Scythe is a powerful weapon found in the Mausoleum. It possesses the highest damage-dealing capability among all weapons in Lunacid. But obtaining it comes with a catch. Specters will spawn near corpses and attack the player. Furthermore, all music will be reversed, and most NPCs will disappear. Additionally, the scythe has the ability to transform the player’s Class into Undead. The weapon can be enhanced, and the player can rebirth Death with it.


The Moonlight is a melee weapon that can be obtained on the 50th floor of the Tower of Abyss. It has one of the highest damage values in the game and comes with a powerful ranged attack that costs 12MP. The Moonlight is considered one of the strongest weapons in Lunacid and cannot be enhanced.

Axe of Harming

The Axe of Harming is a powerful weapon that is hidden in the Forbidden Archives. It is the fastest and has the longest reach among all the melee weapons available in Lunacid. It is particularly useful for quickly traversing terrain without relying on spells. However, it has a -1900% guard rate, which means that the player will take 20 times the damage when blocking attacks. Unfortunately, it is not possible to enhance this weapon.

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Broken Hilt

The Broken Hilt is a melee weapon that can be found in The Fetid Mire, which is located deep within the Underworks and can only be accessed through underwater pipes. Despite its name, the Broken Hilt is the worst weapon in Lunacid. It has the worst reach and attack damage in comparison to any other weapons in the game, including the Torch. However, it can still be useful for grinding purposes as it can be upgraded into the Fire Sword through the Smith’s Grave.

Obsidian Seal

The Obsidian Seal is located in the Forlorn Arena. To find it, you need to go inside the structure that holds the Water Talisman. Behind a secret wall in that structure, you’ll find the Obsidian Seal. Although it doesn’t have much use on its own, you can upgrade it to a Dark/Fire element sword called the Saint Ishii. The Saint Ishii has decent stats and can be a valuable weapon in battles.

Blade Of Jusztina

The Blade of Jusztina is a close-range weapon that can be found in the Catacombs, which is a part of the Accursed Tomb. To obtain it, one needs to use a Blood spell on a blood-red skeleton located northeast of the TV room. Although it has a high damage output and attack speed, the Blade of Jusztina has a short reach and requires the user to be in close proximity to enemies in order to cause damage. Additionally, when the Blade of Jusztina hits an enemy, it can restore the user’s mana. However, it cannot be enhanced any further.

Twisted Staff

The Twisted Staff is a magical ranged weapon made from a long, gray piece of birch; its branches encase a glowing white orb, which it fires out as a projectile. This orb creates a white light around the player.

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