Mechabellum Best Combos

These are some basic combos that you can use in Mechabellum. But remember to be flexible. If a combo doesn't work, consider deploying a different unit or a different combo.

Mechabellum is the newest entry in a long line of auto battlers. Developed by Game River, this game pits players against each other in epic PvP battles that unfold across the colonized battlefields of Far-Away. From a bird’s eye view, rivals load up units in their arsenal and deploy them simultaneously for cinematic clashes of colossal proportions.

Each match feels like a rock-paper-scissors game, with the right army making all the difference. While a player may make a bad call that leads to a crushing defeat, Mechabellum is able to keep the action exciting and fun through minor tweaks like upgrading units to better handle crowds or adding extra damage to a single target.

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Minor changes to units are what make Mechabellum an engaging experience that rewards players for anticipating their opponent’s moves and out-thinking them. Despite the fact that each unit can be easily countered with another, it’s important to build an army that compliments its strengths and covers its weaknesses. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the best unit combos to build in Mechabellum so you can master the art of countering your enemy.

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Steel Ball – Mustang

To acquire the Steel Ball – Mustang combo, simply follow the tutorial. These two units operate at equal speed and range, and their attacks complement each other. Steel Ball is effective against heavy targets, while Mustang handles air and hordes. Additionally, Steel Ball serves as a protective tank for the more vulnerable Mustang units.

Arclight – Marksman

If you’re considering Arclight – Marksman and Steel Ball – Mustang units, keep in mind that they move at a similar speed, with Marksman being slightly faster but staying behind due to its longer range. These units’ attacks work well together, and you may be surprised to find that Arclight can also function as a tank for Marksman, as it has a decent amount of durability.

Vulcan – Marksman – Fang

At its level, Vulcan tech can spawn a Marksman, and Marksman’s tech can produce Fangs. This allows you to obtain numerous free units and upgrades. Additionally, their attacks work very well together.

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Fortress – Marksman – Fang

Marksman and Fangs are both very malleable. Fortress and its shield technology effectively make up for that. Due to their similar speeds and long-range, Fangs and Marksman are also very simple to keep under the Fortress shield. Additionally, you can command Marksman and Fortresses to spawn more Fangs.

Wasp – Overlord

Overlords struggle against snipers like Marksman and Phoenix. Wasps, especially with the shield upgrade, functions as a perfect screen for the Overlords. Also helps that Overlords can spawn Wasps with a tech upgrade.

Marksman and Phoenix-type snipers struggle against Overlords. Wasps serve as the ideal Overlords screen, especially with the shield upgrade. It also helps that Wasps can be spawned by Overlords with a tech upgrade.

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Arclight – Armor Enhancement Tech – Elite Marksman Tech

Armor Enhancement Tech and Elite Marksman Tech scale with upgrades, and Arclight upgrades cheap at 50 supplies. It’s a powerful early game and scales extremely well into the late game once you hit 4+ upgrades on Arclights (it becomes like an AoE Marksman).

Arclight upgrades are inexpensive at 50 supplies, while Elite Marksman Tech and Armor Enhancement Tech scale with upgrades. Once you reach 4+ upgrades on Arclights, it scales incredibly well into the late game and becomes almost like an AoE Marksman.

Multiple Phoenixes – Quantum Assembly Tech – Energy Shield

Phoenixes have a neat little tech called Quantum Assembly, which revives a dead Phoenix twice as long as there’s another Phoenix on the field. As long as your Phoenixes aren’t clumped up (so they don’t get taken out all at once), you can have a deathball of all your Phoenixes later in the round. Add Energy Shields, and they’ll basically never die. Very Powerful.

When another Phoenix is present on the field, a dead Phoenix can be revived twice as long thanks to a neat little tech known as Quantum Assembly. You can have a deathball of all your Phoenixes later on in the round as long as they are not clumped together (to prevent them from being eliminated all at once). They can practically live forever if you give them Energy Shields.

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