Mechabellum Strategy Guide And Beginner Tips And Tricks

Mechabellum is a strategic auto-battler with depth. The game is available on Steam with its Early Access version. The game is brand-new and contains many intriguing mechanics. You can learn many Mechabellum strategies as well as tips and tricks with this article.

The epic auto-battler Mechabellum takes place on the recently colonized planet Far-Away. As the commander of an army of mechs engaged in fierce PvP combat, you. Customize and advance your units, position them tactically on the battlefield, and watch as they annihilate your adversaries.

You can take a look at our Mechabellum review and learn what we think about the game.

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Play Against Bots To Find The Best Strategy Of Yours, And Don’t Use Too Many Units

Mechabellum is a great mech strategy game that rewards bold ideas and precise execution. Despite its simple appearance, it’s surprisingly deep. 

The best way to learn the mechanics of the game is by playing against bots, allowing you to figure out which unit combos work well together before putting them to the test against other humans. It might take a while to get a handle on the mechanics, but once you master them, victory is yours for the taking.

Also, it would be best if you did not use too many units when the game first starts. Utilizing fewer mechs, which will provide a counter to your opponent’s machines, is a much better strategy.

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Glance Your Enemies Army Before The Each Battle

Each round of Mechabellum features a different combination of unit types, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Unlike most auto-battlers, where you have no control over the unit placements of your opponent, Mechabellum lets you see their entire army at a glance before each battle begins, so you can predict what type of units they’re going to deploy. This enables you to place counter-units where they’ll be the most effective, essentially reading their playbook to win each match.

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Choosing The Right Specialists Is Crucial

Mechabellum is an auto-battler that pits your army against other players. Units are placed on the map, battles commence automatically, and the first player to win a round loses all remaining units’ health points. While the game makes the battles automatically, choosing the right specialist becomes one of the most important things to win the battle. 

For example, the Elite Specialist forces you to buy only level 2 units at a premium cost, which reduces your army’s versatility and volume. If the other player’s units strongly counter giant and aerial units, getting a specialist like Marksman + Rhino reinforcement might not be the best idea. On the other hand, a specialist like Speed provides your units with extra speed and quicker supply.

Use One-time Abilities Wisely

Mechabellum also allows you to use one-time abilities that give your units an extra boost. Whether it’s a grenade barrage or a seeker missile, these can be devastating to your enemy. Additionally, you can choose to swap out a damaged unit with an identical replacement, making it much easier to keep your units fighting.

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Upgrade Your Units

Before unlocking tech upgrades, you should generally concentrate on deploying and upgrading units up to round 5–7. Unlocking tech upgrades is preferable when you have a number of units that can utilize them.

In most matches, it’s best to only upgrade units that are already at or close to level 2, and that have a high damage output. Some units, like Crawlers and Fangs, will not get much of an improvement after leveling up, and you should only upgrade them if the damage they deal is high enough to justify the supply cost. 

If you’re unsure, check how much damage they did last round for guidance. This kind of thoughtful decision-making, along with interesting strategic wrinkles like flank deployment zones and defensive objectives, help make Mechabellum feel more complex than your typical autobattler.

Note: Mechabellum is still in early access, and it’s possible that future updates will completely change the game’s strategy.

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