Night of the Consumers – Be A Supermarket Staff

If you are looking for a fun, thrilling, yet fun game, here is the Night of the Consumers! With its primitive graphics but the exciting and realistic storyline, you are going to enjoy your time a lot! This great game offers you a combination of time management and horror genres.

You have to resist maniac consumers and meet their needs before they want to speak to the managers! Yes, you heard us right, you are going to deal with male and female Karens all the time! Just like most other horror games, we recommend playing this one with your headphones on for maximum fun.

Night of the Consumers Overview

Night of the Consumers is a fun video game that was developed by Germfood and was released on March 7, 2020. Despite the game being around for more than one and a half years, it still offers an amazing fun opportunity to players. If you like to play horror games with simple logic and a storyline, you might love this game a lot.

Although the official genre of the game is action, it is more like a horror game. If you have great nerves and you believe that time management games don’t put a lot of stress on you, you can give this fun game a try.

You are going to be a team member in a supermarket and try to stock the products that consumers are looking for. They all have some excuses to buy the products they need quickly. In addition to this, the supermarket is about to close, so you have to hurry up. Just like all Karens, your customers are also looking for exceptional service from you!

You have to collect products in different departments and stock the shelves in the entire supermarket. Although it may sound like easy, challenging times and decisions are waiting for you. Also, these consumers are literally maniacs. You shouldn’t let any consumer request to speak to the manager. Otherwise, you’ll get fired and lose the game.

Night of the Consumers is now available on indie game platform Unfortunately, you can play this fun game only on Windows operating systems. The game is not for free, by the way. You need to pay $1,94 to play this enjoyable game. We think that to support indie developers, paying this amount of money would be great.

Night of the Consumers Editor Rate: 4.5/5

Night of the Consumers has simple and pixel graphics. Thus, you don’t need a superior system to run the game. In addition to this, it offers great fun to players of all ages. If you enjoy horror or time management games, you might like this fun game. You can also check out other horror games, such as Poppy Playtime, Evil God Korone, Tall Poppy, and Andy’s Apple Farm.

It may take some time to get used to the supermarket, and you may fail a lot at the beginning. However, if you won’t give up, you can enjoy Night of the Consumers a lot. Don’t forget to wear your headphones for maximum fun!

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