Horror Game Suggestion: Evil God Korone

The interest in horror games is continuing to increase. Today, we are going to introduce another horror game that was developed in 2021. The team behind this game is famous for their horror productions, and this time, they are in front of us with a unique concept. Are you ready to include the horror genre into your daily life? If so, this game is the right choice for you!

With stunning graphics, a great story, and terrifying sound effects, Evil God Korone is going to be your new favorite horror game. If you enjoy realistic games with the dark concept, you should not miss your opportunity to give it a try. It is relatively cheap compared to other video games.

If you have watched or played the Tsugunohi series before, then you already know how to play this fun game. According to the story of the game, V-Tuber Inugami Korone usually streams horror games online. However, one day, she becomes the evil god.

Her goal is to scare everyone and force them to join the dark side. As a schoolboy, you notice her image in an ad where she contacts you. You need to stay away from her at all costs. It is worth noting that the game has two endings. You can unlock the second ending once you regularly complete the game.

Evil God Korone Editor Opinion

Evil God Korone offers an amazing storyline with plenty of dark concepts. If you pay attention to the story of the adventures you are going to join, you might love this thriller game. In addition to this, the game was released on Steam on November 8, 2021.

Playing new games is always fun, and you are going to love this game a lot. This is especially true if you enjoy playing horror games. Without a doubt, Evil God Korone offers unique gameplay for horror lovers. We assure you that you will not want to miss this chance to enjoy this fun and thrilling game. Those who love to play horror games at night can find it quite fun. You can also check out other horror games, such as Poppy Playtime, Tall Poppy, Gnarled Hag, No Players Online, Andy’s Apple Farm, and Lollipop Games.

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