Pizza Tower Noise Update Released

Explore the Pizza Tower Noise Update: Play as The Noise in a new game+ experience with unique moves, music, and levels. The new update is now available!

Pizza Tower, a game that blends nostalgia with fresh gameplay mechanics, has become popular in the platforming genre. Its latest update, called the “Pizza Tower Noise Update,” adds a new playable boss, Noise, and enhances the gameplay experience for its players. The Noise update promises to be an exciting twist to the already compelling game. Now, let’s take a look at what this update brings to the game.

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What is Pizza Tower?

If you don’t know what Pizza Tower is, you can find a lot of content, including guides and reviews, on our Pizza Tower page. But let us briefly introduce Pizza Tower to you here. 

Pizza Tower is a 2D platformer that takes inspiration from the classic Wario Land series, emphasizing movement, exploration, and score attack. 

You navigate through increasingly challenging levels, all set in a wacky pizza-themed universe. The game’s hero, Peppino Spaghetti, is on a mission to stop the evil Pizza Tower‘s schemes. 

With its vibrant pixel art reminiscent of ’90s cartoons and a dynamic soundtrack, Pizza Tower has gained popularity for its engaging gameplay and unique aesthetic.

Pizza Tower Noise Update

Pizza Tower fans are currently buzzing about the long-awaited Noise Update, which promises to deliver fresh content and gameplay tweaks. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say the Pizza Tower Noise update is a game-changer, as it introduces a much-anticipated character to the game’s universe by allowing players to take on the role of one of its bosses, The Noise. 

The Playable Noise Update, released on March 11th, 2024, is a recent update that offers a unique gaming experience with its new sprites, a new moveset for the Noise character, and some new music tracks. 

Notably, two new Noise-only escape themes have been added to the game, including a remastered version of Distasteful Anchovi, and a new Lap 2 song

This update is considered a “New Game+” experience, providing players with a fresh and exciting way to enjoy the game.

Pizza Tower Noise Update Playable Boss

The Noise is known for his challenging boss fights and mischievous antics, and his inclusion as a playable character offers players a whole new way to experience the game. 

With updated sprites, a revamped moveset, and exclusive music tracks, the Noise Update is set to invigorate the game with new life and keep players engaged for hours on end.

The inclusion of The Noise as a playable character enriches the game’s narrative and gameplay, making this update a significant milestone for Pizza Tower.

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Pizza Tower Noise Update Released 4

Pizza Tower Noise Update Download – Available on Steam

The Noise Update is now available for free download to all Pizza Tower players. Developers Tour de Pizza made this decision to enhance the game post-release and make the game a dynamic and evolving title in the indie gaming landscape. The update is highly anticipated and promises hours of new gameplay and exploration. Whether you’re an experienced player or new to Pizza Tower, the Noise Update is worth checking out.

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