Project Playtime Early Access Review

Since December 12, 2022, the game Project Playtime has been in early access on Steam. This means you can play the game for free. But what can you expect? What does the game offer in terms of gameplay and critics?

Project Playtime is the latest from MOB Games, makers of the popular Poppy Playtime series. It’s a multiplayer horror game where players have to avoid a scary monster while putting together a huge toy.

The story revolves around the premise that someone has been behind the mad science that has gone terribly wrong. Six people will work together to gather toy parts and put them back together. There will be multiple roles to play, such as a team member who can resurrect and revive teammates and a monster who will kill everyone who gets in his way.

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Little Glitches Won’t Hurt Anyone

It’s true that other players and websites have had different things to say about Project Playtime. Some users say it is a clunky experience. Others say it is an exciting and fun game. Still, a lack of critical reviews and a long list of bugs and glitches can make it hard to recommend. However, we are still counting on the game because it being an Early Access game, explains everything already. 

Project Playtime is a promising game, but its shortcomings are quite apparent. The jump scares and graphics are a letdown. There are also a few nitpicky details, such as the audio. If you are a fan of Poppy Playtime, you may find Project Playtime to be a disappointment.

To be honest, the game’s UI is extremely laggy, and there are plenty of bugs. But it does offer a lot of content for its price tag. While this game isn’t perfect, it’s definitely promising. It could be a great title to own as long as bugs and glitches do not plague it. However, don’t forget to check back for updates since there’s always a chance that content might be canceled or revised.

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A Unique Multiplayer Experience and Role Options

Project Playtime is a multiplayer game that offers an experience, unlike anything you’ve seen before. You’re invited to join six other players in a mysterious toy factory in the game. You’ll be tasked with assembling a huge toy that requires you to cooperate with the rest of your team.

The game has a multiplayer mode, as well as a large support system and a number of different roles to choose from. Whether you’re an adventurer, a resource extraction specialist, or a swarmer, you’ll have a lot of options.

There are ways to make the game more interesting. You can upgrade your character’s look or purchase special customizations.

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Free-to-Play And Not That Free-to-Play As Well

Project Playtime is free to play, but there is a chance you’ll be able to get an unfair advantage in the game by paying to get perks or tickets. However, there are no restrictions on how many you can have.

The game uses two currencies: Toy Tickets and Playcoins. These can be purchased with real money or earned through playing the game. Some parts of the game are cryptic, so you’ll need to be careful when attempting to unlock them. Players can earn these by collecting items, performing puzzles, and completing other objectives. They can then be used to buy special items in the Project Playtime store.

You can find Project: Playtime on Steam for free.

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