Project Playtime St. Patrick’s Day Update

Project Playtime recently got a big update on Steam: Patrick's Day Update, which is titled Luck of the Irish, and it includes a lot of bug fixes and gameplay changes, and this article will provide you with the details.

Project Playtime, the free-to-play multiplayer horror game from MOB Games, is celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day with a new update and seasonally themed event. The update, which is called Luck of the Irish, brings a variety of bug fixes, gameplay tweaks, and quality-of-life improvements. 

Alongside the patch, Project Playtime is adding a holiday-themed skin, gesture, hand, grab-a-pack, and mask to the game’s shop. These can be purchased using in-game currency. In addition, it also added a bunch of Saint Patrick’s Day-themed cosmetic items. 

The changes also include an improved scoreboard and a slew of perk selection improvements. The update also includes a handful of balance tweaks, including halving the waiting time to revive if a monster hunts you during the game. Check out the complete Project Playtime Saint Patrick’s Day patch notes below. You can download the patch for free from Steam.

The Project Playtime St. Patrick’s Day Update Patch Notes

Gameplay Changes

  • Puzzles
    • Added indicator on all 3 sides of pillars to display how many puzzles are solved on that pillar
    • Toy part now comes out of the pillar’s doors
    • Increased number of rounds for the Reflex puzzle from 10 -> 16
  • Survivors
    • Reduced auto-revive time from 60s -> 30s
    • Improved first-person animations when using grabpack
    • Added animations for breathing in lockers
  • Perks and Sabotages:
    • Power Walker has been changed to Roly Poly
      1. Level 1 grants 1.5x roll distance, Level 2 grants 2x roll distance, Level 3 grants 2.5x roll distance.
      2. Roll cooldown reduced from 5s -> 4.25s
      3. Roll cooldown now starts when the roll ends
  • Distant Savior Number Adjustments
    • Level 1: 20% faster revive time
    • Level 2: 30% faster revive time
    • Level 3: 40% faster revive time
  • Leave No Trace rework
    • Players without the perk will leave footsteps always, whether crouching, walking, or sprinting.
    • Crouching with this perk equipped for 0.25s will make all existing footsteps quickly disappear
    • Level 1: no footsteps while crouching
    • Level 2: no footsteps while walking
    • Level 3: no footsteps ever
    • This does not change audio cues, only visual footprints.

Developer note: No Trace wasn’t very useful before. This should make it viable to run, and the other adjustments should increase the risk associated with not running it.

  • Shadow Walker number adjustments
    • Level 1: 50% faster crouch move speed
    • Level 2: 75% faster crouch move speed
    • Level 3: 100% faster crouch move speed
  • Think Fast rework
    • Now reduces the number of rounds on the Reflex puzzle
    • Level 1: 2 fewer rounds
    • Level 2: 4 fewer rounds
    • Level 3: 6 fewer rounds

Developer note: the Reflex puzzle was very fast to complete, and the old Think Fast perk wasn’t very strong. Increasing the required rounds to 16, and reworking a perk to allow players to effectively revert the puzzle to its pre-patch numbers, should increase the difficulty while increasing the viability of running this perk.

  • No Pack
    • Grabpacks can be repaired instantly, and survivors get UI showing who needs their grabpack fixed
    • Level 1: Sabotage lasts 5 seconds
    • Level 2: Sabotage lasts 10 seconds
    • Level 3: Sabotage lasts 15 seconds

Developer note: No Pack wasn’t very fun to play against, and repairing took way too long to be worth it. This change hopefully reduces some frustration surrounding this sabotage, while increasing the skill required to use it effectively.



  • Shamrock Survivor Skin
  • Leprechaun Outfit
  • Leprechaun Beard
  • Lady Luck Mommy Skin
  • Lucky Hands
  • Pot of Gold Grabpack
  • Fingers Crossed Gesture


  • Items in-store can now be previewed before purchasing
  • All hair items are now colorable
  • Added equip animations
  • Updated ponytail hair model to match the style of other hair cosmetics

UI – User Interface


  • In-game Scoreboard for Survivors
  • See how your teammates are doing, what perks they have, and more
  • Indicator for players who need their grabpack repaired during the No Pack sabotage
  • Added setting for Grabpack volume


  • Improved perk selection screen user flow
  • Displays all 3 perk slots clearly
  • Allows for un-equipping perks
  • Improved style of various texts throughout the game
  • Reduced Result Screen time from 30s -> 15s
  • Added more variants for overall result of match

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed camera clipping when carried by monster
  • Fixed floating hands in the lobby
  • Fixed potential crash related to music switching
  • Fixed some clipping with Princess Dress
  • Fixed survivors being able to enter lockers while No Escape sabotage is active
  • Fixed Spanish not appearing as a localization option
  • Fixed invalid sessions sometimes appearing in server browser
  • Fixed wrong character showing up in customize menu
  • Fixed invisible one-way audio walls in Theater and Factory
  • Fixed Genius perk not doing anything
  • Fixed visibility issues with footprints
  • Updated Credits
  • Fixed Limit FPS not working as expected
  • Fixed ticket reward inconsistencies
  • Fixed lobby music playing in tutorial
  • Various fixes for jumpscare reliability
  • Fixed pressing “Enter” as monster locking movement for 5 seconds
  • Fixed “repair puzzles” indicator not showing for monsters
  • Fixed not being able to wear masks with ponytail equipped
  • Fixed lighting and normals on many cosmetics
  • Fixed default survivor skin UVs
  • Booby Trap Sabotage activation now properly notifies monster of location of sabotage
  • Fixed various UI masking issues

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