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In Project Playtime, you will need to find and destroy monsters to progress to the next level of the game. One of these monsters is Boxy Boo. Here is what you need to know about Boxy Boo.

You probably noticed the Boxy Boo character if you’ve played Project Playtime, the Poppy Playtime sequel. The Boxy Boo is a monstrous creature that can eat people in one fell swoop. Although the octahedral-shaped creature was created in 1966, it never made it into the main lineup of mascot toys. But, in a strange twist of fate, Boxy Boo was found to have a new purpose in the various experiments undertaken by Playtime Co.

Boxy Boo has been teased many times in the past and has even appeared in Rowan Stoll’s computer database. That’s not to say that he’s not a cool character. In fact, he’s a fairly impressive feat to have accomplished.

Who is Boxy Boo in Project Playtime
Project Playtime Boxy Boo 2

Who is Boxy Boo in Project Playtime?

Boxy Boo is a new character in the Project Playtime series. He is a jack-in-the-box-looking monster with a light blue boxy body adorned with golden shapes on each side. The Boxy Boo is a monstrous creature with claws, eyes, and a mouth that can swallow you whole.

Despite being a monster, Boxy can be used to assist the player. For instance, if the player can get the right moves and acrobatics in the correct order, the new character can leap over barriers and jump onto enemies. There is also a passive nifty thing that will allow the player to move around the map more quicker.

The game has several new additions, but Boxy Boo is the most interesting. Several teasers have been dropped throughout the years. This includes the Boxy Boo Poster, the Sir Poops-a-Lot molars, and the ominous (and slightly embarrassing) Boxy Boo tidbits. As for the actual game itself, the project has a few secrets to behold.

Know Boxy Boo Closer

Boxy Boo, the newest addition to Project: Playtime‘s terrifying Monster roster, uses high mobility to strike at Survivors with blinding speed from seemingly nowhere, as its disguise as a normal jack-in-the-box makes it practically inconspicuous as it lurks in wait for its prey. Despite having less damage than the Huggy Wuggy or Mommy Long Legs, Boxy Boo has access to abilities that capitalize on the inherent panic that players experience during a pursuit. Boxy Boo’s unique passive abilities also allow him to access areas of the map that are normally off-limits to other monsters.

When choosing Boxy Boo as their monster of choice in this asymmetrical survivalhorror game, players should consider using speed from Coil Springs, taking advantage of distance with Leap, sensing Survivors with Music Box, and disrupting escape with Grab. Unlike Mommy Long Legs, Boxy Boo‘s stealth comes from being mistaken for a map’s decorum, taking down one target at a time through patient camping. Boxy Boo transforms from a nuisance to a terrifying and powerful monster opponent in Project: Playtime, capable of attacking the six Survivors at any time.

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