Project Playtime Tutorial Not Working

You might have trouble with the tutorial when you're looking to learn how to play project playtime. The game's tutorial is not working for some players. Read on to learn more about how to solve the problem.

When you attempt to launch Project Playtime, you may encounter problems. Among them, your browser might have blocked it, or the tutorial may be disabled. The reason behind this kind of problem is mostly related to a poor connection, or a firewall can cause this. 

You first need to check that the game is installed properly on your computer. There are a few reasons why the Project Playtime tutorial might not work. Here’s how to fix these issues. If you’re experiencing a problem with the Project Playtime tutorial, you may have an issue with your connection to the Steam network. 

How to Get Project Playtime Tutorial Working?

You have already checked your connection but need to check everything that affects your connection, as well. You can check your router to see if it is causing the problem. If it is, you can fix this by resetting it. After that, you can join a new lobby. If you are sure that a poor connection is not the reason for your trouble with the tutorial, you need to try some other things to get it to work:

  • Try to play the game on a different device.
  • You must turn off any third-party antivirus software before you play.
  • You can try updating your drivers. If you have an older graphics driver, you might be unable to access the tutorial. Fortunately, you can disable the in-game overlay with Nvidia GeForce Experience.
  • You can also try restarting your computer. You can do this by pressing Windows + X keys to open Quick Link Menu. Another solution is to clean the slot. Lastly, you can update your graphics card and its drivers.

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