Ready or Not Early Access Available

Finally, the long-awaited Ready or Not has been released as early access on Steam. This fantastic game was one of the most anticipated first-person shooting games of recent years. If you have worries about the game or want to learn more about it, this guide is for you!

We have covered everything you might want to know about Ready or Not early access. This includes the review of the game, its official release date, and what it offers to players. Without a doubt, we are going to answer all the questions on your mind about this game. Thus, you can make better decisions about it.

Ready or Not is a tactical realistic first-person shooter game that has been popular for about a year before its release. The game is still being developed by VOID Interactive, and Ready or Not has been offered as an early release on Steam on December 18, 2021. The game received plenty of positive feedback in only a week.

This makes the game highly promising. Considering that it received such feedback only in its early access, it seems like we are going to talk about this game a lot. As Battlefield 2042 was a great disappointment for all first-person shooter lovers, most players preferred this game as their next favorite tactical game.


Ready or Not is an amazing tactical game, where you are going to be one of the members of your SWAT team. The main purpose of the developers is to offer a realistic experience. Thus, strategy and planning matter a lot in this great game. You can increase your chances by playing with the same group of friends.

If you like to lead your party, you can be the team leader and command your party for the execution of your plan. Ready or Not does not only appeal to multiplayer lovers. You can still play solo against AI. In addition to this, Ready or Not has a quite rich story, which we believe you are going to love a lot!

When Is Ready or Not Official Release Date?

Unfortunately, the developers of Ready or Not didn’t make any official announcement about the exact release date. However, they also announced that they are planning to stay in early access mode for twelve months. So far, Ready or Not is highly satisfying for the players, and almost everyone loved it.
This is why we believe that most players will not have any hurry for the official release date. You can still enjoy the game a lot in the early access mode. Moreover, you can also contribute to the development of the game and have a word in the development plan by taking part in the early access mode.

What Does Ready or Not Offer?

Players were complaining about the lack of realistic tactical shooting games. In this regard, Ready or Not can be an amazing option for you. It offers both single-player and multiplayer options with plenty of mods you can play. Therefore, we can easily say that the game offers more than what you expect from a shooting game.
Those who love to play tactical games together with their friends will definitely love it too. In fact, we believe that most first-person shooter lovers will start to play this game in the following months. Without a doubt, it is one of the most promising games, and it is only on early access for now.
We assure you that you are not going to feel any regret at all by purchasing this amazing game. It is a versatile game that offers an amazing story and realistic mechanics.

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