What if Resident Evil was a 2D Castlevania game? An insane indie game developer named Oco had mashed up Resident Evil and Castlevania and developed Residentvania, which is available on for free of charge.

Residentvania Overview

Residentvania is a platformer action game that was developed by a Resident Evil: Village fan. After the developer Oco played Resident Evil: Village, he had realized that the game has similarities with Castlevania.

Let’s recall Resident Evil: Village and Castlevania for those who never heard of them.

Resident Evil Village, or Biohazard Village, is a first-person horror-action survival game developed by Capcom. It is the 8th game of the Resident Evil series and the sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017). The game was initially released on May 7, 2021.

Castlevania is a gothic horror action game series that was developed by Konami. It was initially released on various platforms, including NES, in 1986.

Basically, the game is the mash-up of these two games. It is a platformer action game developed in a classic pixel-art style and is really fun-to-play that you can enjoy. The developer of the game says that he was developed this game in two months using custom assets.

It’s also good to play the game with a controller. Here are the buttons: 

  • Keyboard / Xbox Gamepad
  • WASD / D-Pad – movement 
  • Space / A – jump 
  • K / X – Use Knife 
  • L / Y – Shoot (only if a weapon is equipped)

Residentvania Download

Residentvania was initially released on thirteen days ago (October 2, 2021). Due to it being a fan-made game, it’s free of charge. So, you can just jump into the game paying anything. However, don’t forget the support developer Oco for his great effort.

Residentvania runs only on Windows PCs. If you have a Windows-operated PC, you are ready to download the game on

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