Roots of Pacha Release Date and More

Roots of Pacha is a new co-op farming and live simulation game that the set in Stone Age. Roots of Pacha is currently in development and set to release in 2022. The game had designed into PixelArt, and it seems really fun to play. So, Let’s get you to details about the Roots of Pacha.

Roots of Pacha Trailer

Roots of Pacha in a Nutshell

As we mentioned earlier, Roots of Pacha is a co-op farming game like Stardew Valley. This game is set up in the Stone Age, and you’ll build a new culture, plant crops, upgrade your tools, befriend the animals, unlock recipes, much more. Other than this, you can create a new culture and community with your friends in this game that you can play as a multiplayer.

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You can do everything about life in Roots of Pacha developed in PixelArt style. At first glance, the game may seem like a farming simulation, but people’s relationships with people and people’s relationships with animals are excellent. You’ll discover new crops, vegetables, and herbs. You’ll also explore the surrounding wilderness to find animals to befriend and domesticate.

It is possible to say that this game has an instructive side. While playing Roots of Pacha, you will learn about the tools and ideas used in the stone age. In addition, you will learn how to grow food and make pottery for storage. Apart from these, you can try metalworking and making artwork.

Roots of Pacha Release Date and More 3

Roots of Pacha Kickstarter

Roots of Pacha has been in the Kickstarter campaign since February 2021; if you want this game to come out better, you can visit Roots of Pacha’s Kickstarter page and help developers.

The stretch goals of the developers are as follows:

  • Wedding planner in 40K
  • Water Bender in 55K
  • Tundra Region where you can discover new animals in 70K
  • Camping in 85K
  • Ball Sports in 100K
  • Iron Age in 125K
  • Volcano Cave in 150K
  • Turtle Island in 185K
  • Kids Grow in 230K
  • Loyal Friend in 275K
  • Other Villages in 350K

To help them make it and learn more about the Roots of Pacha Kickstarter Campaign, visit the Roots of Pacha page on Kickstarter.

Roots of Pacha Release Date and More 4

Roots of Pacha Release Date

The developer of the Roots of Pacha, Soda Den, had planned to be released in the second quarter of 2022 for Steam and Nintendo Switch. Roots of Pacha plans to release for other platforms also. The Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game are planned to release afterward. You can now add the Roots of Pacha wishlist from Steam.

Discover more games like Roots of Pacha, Stay Tuned To Lawod.

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