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Ruv Mod FNF is another Friday Night Funkin mod that you can have fun with while playing the mod. In this mod, Boyfriend will have a rhythm battle against Ruv, a childhood friend of Sarvente from Mid-fight Masses. Ruv will be awaiting you with a strong song called Zavodila.

Friday Night Funkin is an indie game where you have rhythm battles against antagonists who are not cool with you dating your girlfriend. If you hear FNF for the first time, you can find more information about Friday Night Funkin on Lawod.


Ruv is a shorttening of Ruvyzvat. Ruv is a trusted friend of Sarvente’s. Ruv and Sarvente, who met at the church, later became good friends. Tending to be introverted and not communicating with anyone other than Sarvente, Ruv is said to have a sociopathic disposition, a callous mindset, and animosity towards people he doesn’t know. His abilities like supernatural voice, high-speed reflexes, and immortality make him an even more frightening character.

FNF Ruv Mod Songs

In Ruv Mod FNF, which has very detailed animations, Ruv rivals Boyfriend with the song Zavodila, which will make Girlfriend fear every time he hits the rhythm. There is a fact about the name of the song, “Zavodila/заводила” means someone who can motivate others around them to do something. It also means “ringleader.

Ruv Mod FNF No Download

You can play Ruv Mod FNF without downloading it to your PC. There are multiple websites where you can play FNF mods without downloading them. We have already written an article about this issue. You can find more about how to play FNF mods without downloading them in the FNF Mods No Download article.

Play FNF Ruv Mod Online Fullscreen

Ruv Mod FNF Download

Ruv Mod FNF is also downloadable. You can download the mod’s files to your PC from GameBanana. Many FNF mod developers upload their mods to GameBanana. So, you can download Ruv Mod FNF from this link by reaching their official website.

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