Skate 4 Gameplay Leaked!

The Skate series is regarded as one of the best skating games since the Tony Hawk series. Their latest title of the series, Skate 4, is now in the closed beta, and recently leak showed up from its closed beta testers.

Recently, one of the testers leaked the Skate 4 gameplay, and it attracted great attention in the community. It is worth noting that the video belongs to an ongoing test play, which is available to selected players. Thus, the graphics are quite low, and we can consider that it is far from release.

The announcement of Skate 4 excited many gamers who love skating. EA announced the revival of the game during EA Play 2020, and even after two years, it seems like we still have to wait for a while to enjoy it. Right now, a Canada-based Black Box studio is working on the development.

EA offers a limited play of the game for testing purposes, and some of the fans were lucky enough to test the rough version of the game. In the leaked video, the player performs some tricks on the road. In addition to this, he also shows some mechanics that players can perform without a skateboard at hand.

The leaked video was shared on a website called odysee. If you check the video, you will see an image popping on the screen. This is done just to hide the identity of the player who leaked the video for us. However, you can easily enjoy the mechanics and overall design of the game.

Skate 4 Gameplay Leaked!
Skate 4 Gameplay Leaked! 2

EA Games didn’t make any announcement about the leaked gameplay video of Skate 4, either.

EA didn’t share a lot about the game since its announcement, and this leaked video became viral among the fans. Thus, we believe that EA will make an announcement soon about the development process and future updates. Who knows, maybe this may even speed up the development or release process. At least, we hope so.

Another thing that EA did not announce yet is the supported platforms. Considering that EA is making investments in VR in its new games, perhaps we may enjoy VR support. In addition to this, EA may surprise and release the game for PC platforms too.

As Lawod, we will keep informing you about the future updates, announcements, or leaks about Skate 4 in the future. If you would like to learn more about Skate 4, we highly recommend checking out the leaked video before it removes by EA.

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