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Check out to explore all the gods in Smite 2 to help you pinpoint the perfect divine being to control.

The first Smite game made a significant impact on the MOBA landscape, being uniquely designed with console players in mind. Now, over a decade later, the eagerly anticipated sequel, Smite 2, is set to revive the celestial warfare with enhanced graphics and gameplay enhancements.

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Over its decade-long evolution, the original Smite expanded its pantheon to include over 100 gods. While developer Hi-Rez Studios has indicated that not all these characters will be available at launch, we have compiled a list of the gods that have been confirmed for Smite 2 thus far:

All Smite 2 Gods

The roster of Smite 2 is as diverse as it is powerful, featuring gods from a wide array of mythologies. Here’s a glimpse at some of the gods you can expect to play:

Anhur, the Lion-Headed Slayer

Anhur, often revered as the Egyptian god of war and hunting, brings a mix of aggression and control to Smite 2. Known for his impaling spear and ability to summon sandstorms, Anhur can pin down his enemies while dealing significant damage. Strategic use of his spear throw can disrupt enemy formations, making him a formidable foe in the lane.

Anubis, the God of the Dead

Anubis, the iconic jackal-headed god, specializes in high burst damage and area control. His ability to unleash devastating spells like Plague of Locusts and Death Gaze makes him one of the most feared mages in Smite 2. Anubis players must position themselves carefully, as his high damage is balanced by his vulnerability to attacks.

Bacchus, the God of Wine

The jovial Bacchus uses his wine to fuel his abilities, becoming more resilient and disruptive the more inebriated he is. His Belly Flop and Intoxicate abilities make him an excellent initiator and crowd controller in team fights. Bacchus is best played in the thick of battle, where he can soak damage and disrupt enemy lines.

Bellona, the Goddess of War

Bellona is a versatile warrior goddess who excels in front-line combat. Her arsenal of weapons, which she switches between using her Scourge, Bludgeon, and Shield Bash, allows her to adapt to various combat situations. Bellona’s ultimate, Eagle’s Rally, is perfect for initiating fights or escaping sticky situations.

Cernunnos, the Horned God

Cernunnos from the Celtic pantheon thrives in the hunter role. His ability to change the season with his Shifter of Seasons ability alters his basic attack effects, providing versatility in combat. His ultimate, Wild Hunt, transforms enemies into wild pigs, making them easy targets.

Chaac, the Rain God

Chaac brings the might of the rain to every battle, providing excellent area control and sustain. His Rain Dance not only heals him but also slows enemies, making him a persistent presence in team fights. Chaac’s Thunder Strike can catch multiple enemies unaware, making him a powerful ally in coordinated strikes.

Kukulkan, the Serpent of the Nine Winds

Kukulkan, a mage from the Mayan pantheon, excels in controlling the battlefield with his wind-based abilities. His signature ability, Whirlwind, creates a damaging area that persists, forcing enemies to move or suffer significant damage. His ultimate, Spirit of the Nine Winds, is a formidable weapon in narrow passages.

Loki, the Trickster God

Loki is the master of deception. His ability to go invisible and create decoys makes him a nightmare for unsuspecting enemies. Loki’s Assassinate allows him to swiftly eliminate key targets, making him essential for taking out high-value enemies in the back line.

Odin, the Allfather

As the leader of the Norse gods, Odin is a warrior with the ability to create arenas of combat with his Ring of Spears, trapping enemies with him. Odin’s Gungnir’s Might slows and damages all enemies in its path, making him a formidable initiator and team player.

Ymir, the Father of Frost Giants

Ymir uses his icy powers to control the battlefield. His Frost Breath can freeze enemies in place, setting them up for deadly combos. His ultimate, Shards of Ice, deals massive area damage, making him a significant threat in group fights.

Hecate, the Witch Queen

Hecate, a newer addition from the Greek pantheon, brings unique magical abilities that focus on manipulation and control. Her skills allow her to alter the perceptions of her enemies, causing confusion and misdirection on the battlefield. Her ultimate, Crossroads, creates a zone where enemy gods are weakened and allies gain increased magical power.

Hou Yi, the Defender of Earth

Hou Yi is a marksman with unrivaled archery skills. Known for his Sunbreaker ultimate, which calls down nine suns from the sky, Hou Yi can deal devastating damage in a wide area. His Ricochet ability allows him to shoot arrows that bounce off walls, perfect for hitting hidden or fleeing targets.

King Arthur, the Legendary Monarch

King Arthur wields Excalibur with a unique combo system, switching between different stances and abilities that make him adaptable to many fighting situations. His ultimate, Excalibur’s Wrath, delivers a series of powerful strikes to a single target, ideal for dueling tough opponents.

Morrigan, the Phantom Queen

Morrigan is known for her ability to transform into any other god in the game, gaining their abilities for a short time. This unique skill allows for unpredictable and dynamic gameplay, as Morrigan can adapt her strategy based on the needs of the battle or to counter specific enemy gods.

Neith, the Weaver of Fate

Neith is an Egyptian weaver goddess who excels in long-range combat. Her World Weaver ultimate can target and strike any enemy god on the map, making her an excellent choice for finishing off fleeing enemies. Her ability to set traps with her Spirit Arrow adds a strategic layer to her gameplay, controlling areas and impeding enemy movement.

Susano, the Storm Kami

Susano wields the power of the storm to great effect. His fast-paced, fluid combat style allows him to dash around enemies and avoid attacks while dealing out quick, powerful strikes. His Typhoon, a growing storm that pulls enemies towards its center, can disrupt and damage multiple foes at once, making him a threat in any team fight.

Zeus, the King of Gods

Zeus is a powerful mage whose abilities revolve around his command over lightning. His Chain Lightning can hit multiple enemies who are close together, and his ultimate, Lightning Storm, creates a devastating area of effect that punishes grouped enemies, making him especially effective in team fights.

Nox, the Night Goddess

Nox is a goddess of the night who specializes in crowd control and area denial. Her ability to silence enemies with her Nightfall Raven and create barriers with her Siphon Darkness makes her a critical asset in controlling enemy movements and protecting her team.

Danzaburou, the Cunning Tanuki

Danzaburou, a tanuki from Japanese folklore, brings trickery and deception into the game. His ability to create illusions and transform into objects on the map allows for inventive strategies that can confuse and outmaneuver opponents. His ultimate, Tanuki Trickery, causes chaos on the battlefield by transforming enemies and altering their controls temporarily.

Hercules, the Champion of Rome

Hercules is known for his incredible strength and durability. His ability to push enemies back with his Earthbreaker and heal himself with Mitigate Wounds makes him a frontline bruiser who can sustain a lot of damage and control the pace of the fight.

Izanami, the Matron of the Dead

Izanami, a goddess from the Shinto pantheon, offers a unique playstyle as a hunter. Her spectral form allows her to pass through enemies and obstacles, and her ability to summon dead souls to attack her enemies makes her a threatening presence in any skirmish.

Nu Wa, the Guardian of Heaven

Nu Wa can control the battlefield with her elemental powers and summon minions to aid her in battle. Her ultimate, Fire Shards, provides global reach, allowing her to strike all enemy gods wherever they are on the map, making her an excellent support and damage dealer.

Pele, the Goddess of Volcanoes

Pele brings fiery energy to the battlefield with her volcanic powers. Her ability to erupt with speed and flames allows her to engage enemies quickly and escape just as fast. Her volcanic eruptions deal area damage and leave a trail of fire that can deter pursuers or trap enemies.

Fenrir, the Great Wolf

Fenrir, the monstrous wolf of Norse mythology, is all about brute force and ferocity. His abilities allow him to lock down single targets and drag them back to his allies. His ultimate, Ragnarok, enables him to grow massive in size and become immune to CC, making him a terrifying presence in team fights.

Jing Wei, the Reborn Spirit

Jing Wei, a youthful and energetic hunter from the Chinese pantheon, excels at repositioning and harassment. Her Passive allows her to quickly return to the battlefield after being defeated, ensuring she is always in the action. Her ability to knock back enemies with explosive bolts makes her a persistent threat.

Sol, the Goddess of the Sun

Sol is a Norse deity who controls the raw power of the sun. Her abilities revolve around building up heat and unleashing it in powerful blasts, melting through enemy defenses. Her incorporeal form allows her to escape dangerous situations, making her a slippery target in fights.

Yemoja, the River Goddess

Yemoja uses the power of water to protect and sustain her allies. Her unique resource system, which relies on water instead of mana, allows her to cast abilities more frequently under the right conditions. Her ultimate creates a river around enemies, trapping them and making it easier for her team to engage.

Each god in Smite 2 not only brings their unique mythological background into the game but also offers players diverse ways to engage in combat and strategy. Learning the strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities of each deity is key to mastering the game and leveraging their powers effectively in the ever-evolving battlefield of the gods.

Choose your god wisely, strategize with your team, and ascend to divine victory in this grand arena where only the mightiest gods prevail.

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