Omega Strikers Review - A Great Fusion of Rocket League and LoL

Omega Strikers is a new 3v3 sports-based battler that's captured the attention of gamers from all walks of life. It's a quick, easy-to-play game that mixes elements of football and air hockey with an anime-type setting. Here is our Omega Strikers overview, where you can learn more details about the game:

Omega Strikers is a unique multiplayer game that incorporates the elements of a soccer or hockey-style sports video game with the mechanics of a MOBA. This 3v3 action-packed sports game provides an exhilarating experience that resembles a futuristic blend of Rocket League and League of Legends. Best of all, it’s free to play!

It must be mentioned that although the game is free-to-play, there is an in-game currency that can be used to purchase character skins and emotes. However, the game avoids the pay-to-win trap plaguing other live services.

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What is the Goal in Omega Strikers, and What Will You Be Using on The Way Your Goal?

The goal of Omega Strikers is simple: hit the Core into the opponent’s net. To do this, you need to use your strikes to evade the other team’s defense and take down anyone who stands in the way. Learn how you play Omega Stikers like a pro.

You will be using a variety of weapons and strikes to deal damage. But you should always keep in mind that each character has its own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to attacking.

Speaking of characters, there are 17 characters in Omega Strikers, each with its own role and optimal build. For example, Kai can be a very aggressive Forward. On the other hand, Juliette is the jack-of-all-trades that can get into the enemy’s face and play both offense and defense. You can learn more about characters in our Omega Strikers characters guide article.

It should also be mentioned that the game also has many unlockable characters and cosmetics that allow you to customize your characters’ appearances, which is another good feature of the game.

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Omega Strikers Gameplay is A Fusion of Rocket League, Super Smash Bros, and League of Legends

The developer Odyssey Interactive describes the game as having the goal-focused gameplay of Rocket League, the physical fun of Super Smash Bros, and the character depth of League of Legends. This is a great description of the game, which combines all of these elements into a foot brawler that’s both fun and engaging.

Omega Strikers, indeed, is a fast-paced, futuristic 3v3 “footbrawler” that has players knocking the ball (a giant hockey puck with great physics) into rivals’ goals through any means necessary. 

The game has good physics and a fun arena environment and MOBA element to it, with players being able to choose what gear they want to bring into a match as well as ban and draft before the match starts.

We can easily say that the game’s mechanics borrow some features from Rocket League and Overwatch, but there are enough unique tricks at play to make the action feel fresh.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say the gameplay is quick and easy to pick up but hard to master. Plus, the teamwork and strategy that goes into the game make it a lot of fun to play. That’s why it is pretty fun to play with friends.

With its distinctive gameplay and diverse selection of strikers, the game has gained a strong foothold in the mobile and PC gaming market. It offers a refreshing break from the customary MOBA-style gameplay, without the bothersome microtransactions. It is not surprising that it has a significant fan base, despite competition from popular games like Rocket League and Overwatch in the same genre.

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Where To Get Omega Strikers and What Are The Available Platforms?

Omega Strikers is free-to-play and now available on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch via Nintendo Store, iOS via Apple Store, and Android devices via Google Play Store. Canada-based developer Odyssey Interactive plans to release the game for PlayStation and Xbox consoles in the future.

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