Predecessor Heroes Roles – Best Beginner Heroes For Roles

Master the Predecessor heroes roles of Offlaner, Jungler, Mid Laner, Carry, and Support with our in-depth guide.

Predecessor is a thrilling MOBA game that has revolutionized the gaming landscape. To master the game, it is crucial to understand the unique Predecessor heroes roles. There are different roles that present their own challenges and opportunities. 

For instance, Offlaners are resilient heroes who can hold their ground in solo battles, while Junglers control the map’s flow. Mid Laners are powerful heroes who can carry the team’s strategic ambitions. Carries and Supports work together to turn the tides of the game during critical moments.

Best Beginner Heroes for Each Predecessor Role

Best Beginner Heroes for Each Predecessor Role Lawod ss
Predecessor Heroes Roles - Best Beginner Heroes For Roles 6

Predecessor has a wide selection of over 35 Heroes to choose from across all roles. Here is a quick tip to the best beginner Heroes in each lane:

  • Offlane: Greystone and Grux. You can try Shinbi if you are experienced with MOBAs.
  • Jungle: Khaimera and Feng Mao. You can try Rampage if you are experienced with MOBAs.
  • Midlane: Gideon and Morigesh. You can try The Fey if you are experienced with MOBAs.
  • Carry: Sparrow and Murdock. You can try TwinBlast if you are experienced with MOBAs.
  • Support: Phase and Dekker. You can try Lt. Belica if you are experienced with MOBAs.
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Now, let’s dive into each role, drawing insights from various reliable sources to enhance your gameplay experience.

Offlane Role

Shinbi Predecessor Lawod ss
Predecessor Heroes Roles - Best Beginner Heroes For Roles 7

The Offlane is a role in Predecessor that involves a warrior of solitude who excels in the challenging 1v1 scenarios of the Solo Lane. Generally, this role is suitable for Fighters and Tanks, although some Casters and Marksmen occasionally take up the helm. The main essence of being an Offlaner lies in self-reliance and skillful management of 1v1 or even 1v2 situations.

As the game progresses, Offlaners become pivotal in team fights, offering frontline support or dishing out substantial physical damage. This role demands resilience, strategic positioning, and an understanding of when to engage or retreat. Being an Offlaner requires a high level of skill and decision-making while maintaining an aggressive yet defensive mindset.

Jungle Role

Predecessor Rampage Lawod ss
Predecessor Heroes Roles - Best Beginner Heroes For Roles 8

The Jungle role in Predecessor is considered a strategic element, as it involves balancing jungle clearing, ganking lanes, and controlling objectives. Junglers receive reduced Exp & Gold from lane minions and have the most responsibilities in the team. They are responsible for assisting lanes, controlling vision and objectives, and restricting the actions of the opposing Jungler. 

The Jungle role usually suits various types of champions, such as FightersAssassinsTanks, and Casters. To master the Jungler role, you need to have a deep understanding of the game’s macro aspects and the ability to make decisive, impactful decisions.

Mid Lane Role

Predecessor The Fey Lawod ss
Predecessor Heroes Roles - Best Beginner Heroes For Roles 9

The Mid Lane role is tasked with playing in a 1v1 initial situation on the Middle Lane in the game. This position is often represented by Casters, but other roles like FightersAssassins, and Marksmen can also be utilized. 

The main objective of the Mid Laner is to win the lane to gain priority. This priority can be leveraged to assist other lanes or back up the Jungler. However, the Mid Lane’s vulnerable position makes it a hotbed for enemy ganks, thus requiring constant awareness and quick reflexes. 

In addition, Mid Laners are typically expected to initiate combat, provide poke damage, and unleash area-of-effect (AoE) spells in team fights. To be successful in this role, players must balance aggression with caution, master their champion’s abilities, and always be aware of the dynamics of the map.

Carry Role

Carries play a crucial role in the offensive strategy, particularly during the later stages of the game. The Carry role is typically a player who adopts a selfish playstyle, focusing on efficient farming, survival, and scaling into a dominant force. Given their high-value status, Carries are often prime targets for the enemy team, highlighting the importance of positioning and situational awareness. 

Carries are responsible for dealing with damage during team fights, and their presence is critical in destroying structures and neutral objectives. To play as a Carry, you must balance aggression with caution, knowing when to engage in fights and when to prioritize farming. Success as a Carry depends on achieving this balance and executing the right decisions at the right time.

Support Role

Predecessor Lt Belica Lawod ss
Predecessor Heroes Roles - Best Beginner Heroes For Roles 10

In Predecessor, a Support hero starts in the Duo Lane alongside the Carry. Their primary focus is crowd control or utility, with a talent for protecting allies, locking down enemies, or starting battles. During the game’s early stages, Supports are responsible for protecting the Carry and controlling vision. However, as the game progresses, Supports become more active and assist other lanes while helping secure objectives.

Being a Support hero requires a lot of sacrifice, often going unnoticed, but they play a crucial role in the team’s success. Supports must possess excellent situational awareness and be proficient in controlling the flow of the game through vision, crowd control, and timely interventions.

Understanding the unique challenges and skill sets required for each Predecessor heroes role is key to improving your individual gameplay and contributing to a successful team strategy.

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