Sons of the Forest Release Date

Learn The Forest's sequel-ish game, Sons Of The Forest, updated release date.

Sons of the Forest is an upcoming open-world survival horror game that was initially scheduled to be released in May 2022. But it’s already one of many games whose release dates have been pushed further more than once.

After the first delay, Sons Of The Forest got a second delay that scheduled the release date for someday in October. However, it was delayed again, and the game’s current release date is set for February 23, 2023.

The game will only be available on PC, and the creators haven’t said if it will also be available on consoles. However, their previous title, The Forest, was released on PS4 and Android.

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Sons of the Forest Release Date 2

What is Sons of the Forest?

The first trailer for Sons of the Forest showed the returning mechanics that were present in The Forest. This included the ability to construct structures and use your surroundings to survive. So, you can think of the game as either a standalone expansion pack or a direct follow-up to the famous game The Forest by the same developer.

Sons of the Forest will feature an exploration mode, new horror elements, and crafting systems. It is also set in a forest with changing seasons. The gameplay allows for both solo and cooperative play and allows players to share items and defend each other. While you are exploring the forest, you can also help your friends build defenses and collect food.

About the Final Planned Release Date

The game will be released on February 23 on Steam. You can add Sons of the Forest to your Steam wishlist to get a notification when the game is released. Having been delayed three times, Sons of the Forest caused much disappointment among the fans. However, it seems like the developers of the game are totally sure about the release date of their new work.

Here are the exact words from the official Twitter account of Endnight Games:

“Giving us time to complete the polish we feel is needed, we will release February 23, 2023, priced at $29.99USD.”

No one wants to delay the release date of his product. However, Endnight Games is an indie game developer team, which means that they are not a big team, and it should be very normal for them to delay the release date of their work a couple of times.

Also, the problems caused by the global recession have already caused problems in the video game business. Indie game developers are already having bad times these days. 

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