Star Wars the Old Republic Legacy of the Sith is Live

At the tenth anniversary of Star Wars the Old Republic, a new expansion excited all the fans! Legacy of the Sith expansion takes the war between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic to new galaxies and worlds. Darth Malgus has special plans for the galaxy, and dangerous threats are increasing everywhere.

Players will take an active part against this threat and help shape the galaxy from scratch. Of course, they will also try their best to stop Darth Malgus, no matter what! Here is everything you should know about Star Wars the Old Republic’s Legacy of the Sith expansion.

Star Wars the Old Republic Legacy of the Sith Expansion Trailer

A cinematic trailer was published for Star Wars the Old Republic, Legacy of the Sith expansion. We highly encourage you to check this beautiful trailer, which reveals the main storyline. In the trailer, Jedi Master Orr and Sa’har, his padawan, discover a new machine. However, Darth Malgus confronts them, which makes up the main storyline.

Once Sa’har holds the machine, she sees a flashback, where her master has chosen her for the training. This memory is one of her challenging and haunting memories of her. After Darth Malgus confronts them, her memory is disturbed, but she is aware that she has more to learn.

This makes up the core of the storyline, at least the beginning. Besides this footage, you will also find out more about what is waiting for you in the Legacy of the Sith expansion. We highly recommend you check this 6-minute amazing video to learn more about the new expansion.

We would like to note that Darth Malgus is coming back with a special plan that is independent of the rest of the Sith Empire. Players will slowly learn about his plans as they keep progressing in the game. This expansion is also creating a foundation for future updates for the game.


What New Features Does the Legacy of the Sith Expansion Brings Star Wars the Old Republic?

Just like all new expansions, Legacy of the Sith expansion comes with a new storyline. The long-lasting war between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire will spread to new worlds and galaxies, which you will actively take part in. You will also battle in underwater facilities to control Manaan, which is invaded by the Sith Empire.

Players will also discover a ruined Sith fortress called Elom. All the records regarding Elom were erased in the past, and you have to discover its reasons. The adventure in Elom is available for both solo and multiplayer.

A new season in Shadows of the Underworld will be launched with the release of this new expansion. You can win plenty of amazing rewards by completing your Weekly and Daily Objectives. One great news is that you will be able to customize your combat style in the new expansion.

The developers also worked on the itemization mechanics, which will offer new experiences to players and let them obtain great in different ways. You can also customize your character and your combat style with the help of the new legendary items.

One important innovation in the Legacy of the Sith expansion is the increased level cap. Players can level up to 80 with the new expansion. This will bring more challenge and competition in the new expansion, and we bet you are going to love it. If you want to play a video game in Star Wars Universe, you can check out Star Wars the Old Republic. With the Legacy of the Sith expansion, the game becomes more attractive.

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