Star Wars Outlaws Characters

Star Wars Outlaws promises to deliver a rich and immersive narrative experience, brought to life by a diverse and compelling cast of characters.

As the release of Star Wars Outlaws draws closer, fans are eagerly anticipating more details about the characters that will populate this rich and immersive world. Developed by Massive Entertainment and published by Ubisoft, this open-world adventure promises to deliver a gripping narrative set in the Star Wars universe, with a diverse cast of characters, each bringing their unique flavor to the story.

Set between the events of “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi,” this game introduces a compelling cast of characters, each contributing to the rich tapestry of the Star Wars universe. This article will explore these characters in detail, shedding light on their backgrounds, roles, and what makes them stand out. Let’s get started!

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Kay Vess

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At the heart of Star Wars Outlaws is Kay Vess, a cunning and resourceful scoundrel navigating the galaxy’s seedy underbelly. Voiced by Humberly Gonz├ílez, Kay is a complex character whose motivations are driven by survival and a desire for freedom.

With her quick wit and sharper blaster, she navigates the galaxy’s seediest corners. Kay’s backstory reveals a life marked by hardship and survival, making her a character that players can empathize with and root for.

Her goal is to pull off the heist of a lifetime, and she’ll need every ounce of her cunning and courage to outmaneuver the galaxy’s most dangerous criminals.

Kay’s character design reflects her rough-and-tumble lifestyle, with practical yet stylish attire that hints at her resourcefulness. You will guide Kay through a branching narrative filled with tough choices that will shape her destiny.


Star Wars Outlaws Characters Nix Lawod ss edited
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Every great protagonist needs a trusty sidekick, and for Kay Vess, that role is filled by Nix, a small, agile alien creature with a mischievous streak. Nix serves as both a companion and a tool in Kay’s arsenal, able to assist in puzzles, distract enemies, and retrieve items.

While Nix might appear cute and harmless, its abilities are invaluable in tight situations. This little sidekick can access areas Kay cannot, distract enemies, and retrieve essential items. Nix’s design and behavior add a layer of charm and strategy to the gameplay, making it a beloved part of the player’s journey.

Nix’s playful personality provides a counterbalance to Kay’s often serious demeanor, adding moments of levity to the game’s otherwise tense atmosphere. The bond between Kay and Nix is central to the narrative, highlighting themes of loyalty and friendship amid the chaos of the Star Wars universe.


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Another key character in Star Wars Outlaws is ND-5, a reprogrammed commando droid with a mysterious past. ND-5 is an imposing figure, blending the cold efficiency of a droid with a surprising depth of character. Voiced by Jay Rincon, ND-5’s voice acting brings a unique personality to the character, making him more than just a mechanical companion.

ND-5’s combat abilities are invaluable, providing heavy firepower and tactical support during missions. His backstory, involving reprogramming and a search for purpose, adds a layer of complexity that players will uncover as they progress through the story of Star Wars Outlaws. ND-5’s journey from a tool of war to a free-thinking individual mirrors the broader themes of rebellion and self-determination that are central to the Star Wars saga.

Jaylen Vrax

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Jaylen Vrax is one of the antagonists you will encounter in Star Wars Outlaws. A ruthless crime lord, Vrax controls a significant portion of the galactic underworld, and his influence is felt throughout the game’s narrative.

Vrax’s motivations are driven by power and greed, making him a formidable opponent for Kay Vess. His character design exudes menace, with sharp features and a wardrobe that reflects his status within the criminal hierarchy. As you navigate the story, you will have to contend with Vrax’s schemes, making for intense and memorable encounters.


Star Wars Outlaws Characters Danka Lawod ss edited
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Another notable character is Danka, a Twi’lek mechanic who plays a crucial role in Kay’s journey. Danka’s expertise with machinery and starships makes her an invaluable ally, providing players with upgrades and repairs essential for their adventures. Her personality is warm and welcoming, offering a stark contrast to the often hostile environments Kay must navigate.

Danka’s background as a former slave who gained her freedom through sheer determination adds depth to her character. Her story is one of resilience and hope, embodying the spirit of resistance that is a hallmark of the Star Wars universe.

Danka is a mysterious figure whose allegiance and motives are not immediately clear. This character’s enigmatic presence adds a sense of intrigue and unpredictability to the storyline. Whether Danka will become an ally or an enemy depends on the choices players make throughout the game, making interactions with this character a pivotal aspect of the gameplay experience.


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Sliro is a Rodian informant with a knack for gathering intelligence and navigating the galaxy’s black market. His connections and knowledge make him a valuable asset, providing players with crucial information and access to rare goods. Sliro’s slippery nature and penchant for double-dealing add an element of unpredictability to interactions with him.

The moral ambiguity of dealing with someone like Sliro adds depth to Star Wars Outlaws, forcing players to navigate the grey areas of the Star Wars underworld.

Sliro’s character brings a blend of humor and danger to the game. His design, with distinctive green skin and bulbous eyes, stays true to the classic Rodian appearance while giving him a unique flair that sets him apart. Players will need to tread carefully when dealing with Sliro, as his loyalties are always in question.


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Vail is a mysterious bounty hunter whose path crosses with Kay’s in unexpected ways. Clad in imposing armor and equipped with advanced weaponry, Vail is a force to be reckoned with. His motives are shrouded in secrecy, and you will gradually uncover his true intentions through the story.

Vail’s presence adds a sense of tension and danger, as his relentless pursuit of his targets makes him a formidable adversary. The character’s design and demeanor evoke the iconic bounty hunters of the Star Wars franchise, blending classic elements with fresh twists. Vail’s role in the narrative is pivotal, and his interactions with Kay will have far-reaching consequences.

Jabba The Hutt And Salacious B. Crumb

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No Star Wars story set in the criminal underworld would be complete without the infamous Jabba the Hutt and his cackling sidekick, Salacious B. Crumb.

Jabba’s presence looms large over the galaxy, and his influence is felt in many of Kay’s dealings. As a powerful crime lord, Jabba represents both a potential ally and a dangerous enemy, depending on how you navigate your relationship with him.

Salacious B. Crumb, though seemingly a minor character, adds to the authenticity and nostalgia that fans of the franchise will appreciate. Their dynamic remains true to their portrayal in the original trilogy, providing fans with a nostalgic yet fresh experience. Interactions with Jabba and Salacious will undoubtedly be memorable, as you must balance the risks and rewards of dealing with such dangerous characters.

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