Starsand Release Date And Everything We Know

Developed by Tunnel Vision Studio and published by Toplitz Productions, a desert survival game Starsand is coming to Early Access on November 4th on Steam. Let’s check out what we know about the game so far.

Starsand Trailer

Starsand Overview

Starsand is a survival strategy game set in an alien desert without food or water. With a huge open world to explore, the game has over 64 km² of land.

In the game, which manages to make you feel the desert environment to the end, you have to manage your energy well for activities such as finding food and hunting. In addition, with the unpredictable weather conditions, the game has managed to pass the desert environment that we have seen in movies and documentaries quite well.

Inspired by pulp sci-fi movies like John Carter and Stargate, Starsand plunges you into a harsh and brutal desert world, where you must forage, hunt, and build to survive. Enduring the scorching sun and freezing nights of the desert is just the beginning of this awesome adventure. To return to Earth from this alien desert, you must master strange and ancient alien technologies, fight terrifying alien monsters.

Starsand Release Date

Starsand is going to be released on November 4th as an Early Access game on Steam and will be available only on PC for now. If you want to see the development process closer and make a contribution to the development, you can purchase Starsand as soon as the game is fully released on Steam.

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